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That seems a little brusque.
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Maybe a 'ride-along' with an LEO would give some a better understanding as to why cops would like to know if someones got a gun during a stop or not. Put yourself in cops place. Wouldn`t you be a bit more tense dealing with a person if you glance in his car and saw firearm that he/she hadn`t told you about. More than likely we`ve done something wrong to get pulled over in the first place. Second and most important cop doesn`t know you from Adam. He`s just like me, doing his job and wants to go home to his family at night.
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Old March 1, 2009, 12:20 AM   #28
Al Norris
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Many, if not most States, link your concealed permit with your drivers license and/or your vehicle registration.

So there is a good chance that Officer Friendly knows about you, if he runs your tags before pulling you over. Certainly, he knows when he runs your license.

Originally Posted by treo View Post
That said, if your state doesn’t require you to inform why would you? The criminals certainly won’t.

All informing does is give the cop one more task to accomplish before he/she can release you. I t also opens you up to all kinds of hassles if the cop you happen to inform is an anti. My rule is not to inform unless specifically asked.
Among the reasons we good guys get the permit, is because we are the good guys. We obey the law.

I fail to understand why we, the good guys, wouldn't want to make sure that Officer Friendly isn't surprised; why we wouldn't want to put Officer Friendly at ease.

Quite frankly, the quote by treo, above, displays an attitude that is conducive to the Us/Them mentality. You display that attitude to an officer, then you shouldn't be so surprised when the officer gives you an attitude back. Tit for tat type of thing. It's predictable human behavior at work in the real world.
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Old March 1, 2009, 12:29 AM   #29
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i dont think its fair that we have to tell the cops that we have a weapon. they have one, they chose their dangerous profession.
I dont give a crap if it makes the cops job any harder, They just pulled you over. You are a portion of their quota. I hate cops. I have been pulled over , and ticketed for speeding , when I know damn good and well i wasnt speeding. I always drive well under the speed limit. I got the "tell it to the judge :" response Yeah like a judge will side against a cop.
To make matters worse, my wife got a ticket for not wearing a seat belt in the vehicle. you all may think she deserved it, but, she was in the truck, in reverse, inside our damned yard at the time. I dont care if i spook cops, they have lost my respect, just because of these few idiots i have encountered.
I say, shut up and drive on.
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That seems a little brusque
Quite frankly, the quote by treo, above, displays an attitude that is conducive to the Us/Them mentality.
I hate to be the one to break it to you but the American Justice system IS us V. them. It is adversarial in nature and the police officer while certainly your ally is just as certainly not your "friend". His job is to make arrests and gather evidence to help the prosecutor secure a conviction.

as to why cops would like to know if someones got a gun during a stop or not.
In keeping with the above, I DON'T CARE if the cop wants to know I have a gun. If he really wants to know he can ask.

As I said earlier the cop's job is to gather evidence and make arrests. My job is to protect my rights. The easist way for me to do that is to answer as few question as possible. In my experience cops don't just stop people on the street just to shoot the breeze, if a cop is talking to you he suspects you of something. There are plenty of people in this country that have gone to jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and matching a general description.

Treo's first rule of police interactions: If you talk long enough to a cop you WILL say something that can be used against you.

Rule 2: You have nothing to lose by shutting up
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Old March 1, 2009, 12:57 AM   #31
Al Norris
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And with the last two cop-bashing posts, we're done here.
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