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How do you train yourself to shoot indoors or clear rooms in your house in case there is a possible intruder?
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Brian Pfleuger
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I have a highly trained team of house clearers on 24hr standby. I contact them by dialing 911 on any phone. I would then hide in the bedroom with the wife and kids and wait for their arrival.
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clearing your house

My best advice: do not clear your house for intruders

You're not SWAT. If you believe there is an intruder in your house the best thing to do is hunker down, call 911 and protect your family. Yell out you are armed and calling the cops.

I've heard this suggestion from another post.

Have two of your younger kids, nephews or grandkids (basically, some young kids) hide and go seek them out. 90% of the time you'll lose that game.
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"How do you train yourself...?"

How have I been trained or how do I believe most people should go about it?
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I agree. I am not sure you can train yourself. You need to seek hands on advice from a professional.
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Go play some indoor/CQB airsoft, and you'll never want to clear a house again
But if you must learn, there are professionals out there to teach...

I have a highly trained team of house clearers on 24hr standby. I contact them by dialing 911 on any phone. I would then hide in the bedroom with the wife and kids and wait for their arrival.
hahaha, classic
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Old January 14, 2009, 12:37 AM   #7
El Paso Joe
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Good posts!
I know my home better than anyone I know. I never sleep that soundly (haven't since some time in June 1969) and there are a few floorboards in the house that squeak - it is just old. I have a wonderful old dog but when she was a pup I was still on the homestead up north and she spent a lot of time with me at my range without hearing protection. I don't think she will hear an intruder.
But if I hear someone I will hunker down with my wife and dog and call 911. If they come into the bedroom I will spot them with a flashlight - and if they do not belong there and I id them as unfriendly I will shoot. But I will not clear the house. Thats why I pay taxes (gladly) and fund 911 & SWAT.
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Old January 15, 2009, 03:51 PM   #8
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I tend to run around the house yelling, "is there anybody there"!
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In the past, when loud noises that were certainly NOT burgulars happened in my house, I've cleared it by leaping from bed, leaving my bedside pistol in the very capable hands of the mattress, done a tactical roll of chaotic misstep down my "Spiral staircase" to avoid being engaged by any hostiles, and arrived in my living room quite sparse on clothing and screaming obscenities while nursing the scratches, bruises, and rug burn I picked up during my chaotic decent of the stairs, while simultaneously daring any adversary to try to mach wits with me in my groggy state.

Fortunately, my invaders so far have been a poster falling off the wall, and a tree slapping the side of my house with a stray branch.

In reality, If I was awake enough to actually know what was going on, I'd grab my pistol and cellphone and head to the restroom - There's only one way in, so I can control access, and I can see once any invaders leave via the front door, which is directly under the bathroom window. I might even be able to hit them with something within reach of my location in the bathroom. With my luck, I'll be groggy enough to fling my pistol out the window at them.

At least I admit my shortcomings.
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I call 911 thru cell phone to report the intrusion, then I stay on the line with 911 operator and wait for the intruders to come to me.
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