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I used to bounce in a divey kind of bar and some of the other security guys got these. I didn't want one because the last thing I want to do to some hepatitis ridden alcoholic is hit him in the head with that bezel and open him up.

I guess it's better then nothing but I personally don't like the idea of encouraging people to bleed on me if I can avoid it.
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4V50 Gary
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Small flashlights are, in my opinion, best used with the same techniques as a yawara. I wouldn't rely too much on strikes with intent to cut. Rather, it's blows to key points or for pressure point application.
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Wildalaska almost had it

if you dont think that strike bezels are effective, let me rake one across your eyes
Apparently some purchasers of these small strike bezel lights didn’t read the fine print. The diameter of that bezel was thoroughly researched and has a definite purpose. It will fit a human eye socket. It takes practice to use it correctly. A silhouette target with improvised eyes drawn in will work.
Both the smooth and scalloped bezel will work and when driven into the socket with enough force the eyeball pops right out. Now is where the scalloped strike bezel has the advantage. With the eyeball popped out and the bezel held tightly against the skull simply twist and drag. The optic nerve and attached connective tissue falls naturally into one of the scallops and the eyeball with attached chord pulls right off the brain. Walla, The Cyclops will drop to his knees. You can put your trophy in a mustard jar full of alcohol and proudly display it on your mantle.

Obviously I think they are a gimmick
Air goes in and out. Blood goes 'round and 'round.
Any variation on this is a very bad thing.
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Best use is for when you accidentally leave the light on when you put the flashlight down standing on the front lens. Lets you see you left it on. I've occasionally run down batteries that way.

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Here are my thoughts on this matter...

I bought a Surefire E2D Executive Defender about a year and a half ago. It cost me $100.00 but little did I know it would pay for itself VERY soon after I bought it.
I take frequent walks in my neighborhood, sometimes at night. I always bring the flashlight with me because I like to be prepared and I clip it to my front pants pocket, bezel up. Last winter, I was out walking after dark and was jumped by two guys I passed on the sidewalk. I got a bad feeling as I approached them and put the flashlight in my hand, holding it across the inside of my palm. As I passed these guys, one suddenly turned and tried to sucker punch me in the back of the head. I was able to see it coming and ducked. I gave him a quick flash in the face with the light to blind him, which worked. I then punched him in the face with the flashlight inside my fist. The guy took about three steps back and fell down. He was out of the fight but his buddy was now trying to kick my ass. This guy managed to hit me a couple of times in the face and chest but I was lucky enough to keep it together and land a punch to his face with the light in my fist. I wasn't able to flash this guy with the light, everything happened too fast. He staggered back and prepared to hit me again. I didn't give him a chance and came down on his forehead with the strike bezel. I caught him above his left eye brow and ripped it open. He began bleeding profusely and could no longer see through the blood pouring out of his head. I didn't wait around in case they had guns or something else and took off running for home. I called the cops but the guys weren't found; the cops just found a pool of blood.
All of this happened literally in a matter of seconds and was over just as fast. Having this light gave me the means to turn the tables on these two guys and save my own ass. Hitting these guys with the light in my hand was like using brass knuckles, and I didn't break any of my fingers, which I probably would have if I used my bare hand. I am also by no means a hard ass or tough guy and this light gave me a much needed edge in a violent encounter that I otherwise wouldn't have had.
I believe the manufacturers of this light developed it for circumstances just like what happened to me, a guy out for a walk who gets jumped. It's a "just in case" tool that you hope you never have to use but are really glad you have if and when you need it. It's not something you want to carry as an ultimate self defense tool or in place of a gun. It's just something to give you an advantage over having nothing and most of all, it's indiscreet. You can take this light anywhere and it's not offensive to anyone. You can even let your kid get a hold of it and won't have to worry about them hurting themselves with it. You have to know how to use the thing to make it a weapon.
Just remember this story before you bad mouth bezel lights and their merits..
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