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Trip to CMP South Advice


I will stop by CMP South (Anniston) right before they break for Christmas.

I intended to just pick up my first M1 Garand, but SWMBO said, "Might as well pick up a M1 Carbine while we're there, since with <the more anti-RKBA candiate> likely winning the Presidency, who knows what will be available to leave to our children."

Who am I to question such wifely wisdom?

Now the question becomes which particular rifles. My purpose for these rifels is as follows:
1. Shooter. I shoot the firearms I own. If it collects dust, that is my fault.
2. History. I want to keep them intact. I will not butcher them.
3. Competition. When I get time, I want to enter one of those unaltered Garand shoots.
4. Home defense. My wife is slight of stature and a M1 Carbine might be up her alley, long-gun wise. Never know until you shoot one.

I would give up desirability for quality any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

M1 Garand:
My first inclination is to get a $595 Service Grade as a shooter. I am not up on the desirability/quality of SA vs HRA, so could use a pointer.

I am intrigued by the $750 Correct Grade HRA Special, however. Given the stock is a new manufacture, does anyone think the condition alone (throat erosion & muzzle wear) worth the extra $155 vs the Service Grade?

$750 will be a stretch, so the higher-dollar Granads will have to be adopted by someone with more disposable cash.

M1 Carbine:
The only thing I know about M1 Carbine desirability/quality is that the Inland-produced ones have a reputation for being least so.

Unfortunately, the Inlands seem the only Service Grade available. The thread here ( indicates some Winchesters of indeterminate condition will come on-board.

Any Carbine pointers?

In-Person Examination
Any pointers on what to look for? I could order some gauges from Brownells if that is considered wise, as my 03 C&R gets me the discount.


Thanks for any help.
Regards, jfruser
"We have now sunk to a depth at which re-statement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men."----George Orwell
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My 2 cents

I was there about a month ago to pick up a Service grade HRA Garand. I have several Springfields in Service and Rack grades. If you are looking for a shooter, either manufacturer is good. I personally don't think the price difference it worth it, especially if you find one with with a low throat and muzzle measurement. A lot of the HRA's SGs have new wood, the same as the specials, so really what you are paying for is a few matching parts. My HRA SG has about a 1 1/2 on the muzzle, and 1 on the throat. I had it at the range just last week and its a good shooter and looks practically brand new.

As I said before, just my 2 cents

any way you go though, you can't go wrong. Good luck.
"I don't have to like it, I just have to do it."
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I've got an Inland, purchased from CMP when they were first offered. It came with a walnut stock, no add'l cartouches and cleaned up in no time at all. The metal work, tho heavily greased is in 90% condition or better. My son's is in similar condition. Both will easily shoot 1.5" groups at 50 yds with LC-71 ammunition or handloads. Those are sitting groups, friend, with my back up against the porch footings. With an Underwood, pretty much original in condition, I placed 3rd in the inaugural Carbine match at Perry in '06, and with the new CMP purchase Inland placed 13th in '07. Every one I've seen to date has been well worth the money if you want a piece of history that's a shooter. If you're looking for a 'collector' keep on looking. Regards
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CMP South

We were there this summer. I purchased the Service Grade rifle off the rack. I took 2 hours to go through every rifle on the racks. I'm happy with mine and my buddy is happy with his. They both shoot well. Not match grade, but certainly well enough for two old duffers to shoot in military matches.

I would spend my extra $150 on ammo. This summer they had Greek 30-06 in enboc clips for $200 per case of 768 rounds. We bought 3 cases and should have bought 10. It is accurate and clean burning.

Just my 2 cents.
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