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Old September 23, 2007, 02:17 PM   #1
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Pulling left- P229 Elite 9mm

So I recently acquired a new P229 elite. Its really a thing of beauty. It feels like an extension of my hands when I grip it and as far as looks go, I personally think its hard to beat. I took it to the range for the first time a few weeks ago (after a thorough cleaning of the factory grease it came embedded with) and I popped of about 200 rounds to break it in. I was somewhat disappointed to notice my targets coming back time and time again with groupings that had strayed noticeably left of center. After a few more trips to the range I have become somewhat upset with my abilities. Normally, I am a pretty accurate shot... With a Glock 17 or 19 I feel especially confident. And at first I thought perhaps my rear sight was mis-aligned. But I took my time with some 1 minute singles and realized that if I shoot painfully slow and concentrate on a continuous balanced squeeze with the gun dead on, I will in fact hit dead on. So I have realized my problem is probably in my finger placement? Does anyone have any advice on how best to rectify the problem? Is it unwise to just adjust the sight alignment to compensate for my pull? Ive been practicing with snap-caps and I really can't get comfortable with a trigger pull that doesn't pull the gun left. I need help! Thanks a lot.
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Denny Hansen
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It does sound like too much finger on the trigger. Try placing just the pad of your finger on the trigger and concentrate on a straight press to the rear.

This is a common malady with Glocks in particular, and since you shoot them well you probably just need a bit more time working with the SIG.

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Old September 24, 2007, 05:05 PM   #3
Night Watch
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You DID say, 'LEFT' - Didn't you!

Actually, I'm inclined to think the opposite. The Glock's trigger can, sometimes, be uncomfortable to use. (So can an XD's!) That, so-called, 'trigger safety' can really start to pinch after awhile. Mine starts to bother me after about a box, or so, of ammo.

Many shooters learn to compensate for this discomfort by (perhaps subconsciously) using too little finger on the trigger - And, unfortunately, they end up by training themselves to pull all triggers this way.

The ideal way to place your finger on a trigger is to evenly bisect it with the whole pad that's located immediately in front of the distal joint. Many revolver shooters will place even more pad on the trigger and squeeze the trigger very close to the distal joint, itself.

Thanks for reminding me: The next time I break my Glock down, I'm going to take the sharp edges off the, 'trigger safety'. Just spare me the, 'don't do that' speech, OK! Glock's so-called, 'trigger safety' is next to worthless, anyway; and, whatever I do to it, I'll make sure to leave it active. (for the lawyers!)

Try putting MORE of the pad in front of your distal joint onto that SIG trigger.

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+1 to nightwatch's post.

Have short triggers in all my sigs for this same reason.
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