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sneaky pete
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Old Sneaky here: I'm Sooooooo confused ! I've got a Mil-surp 6.5 Swed m41/B that I shoot and reload for, BUT when I look in my reloading manuals I'm finding different dimentional information. ALSO, When I buy brass I get different dimentional sizes. The Lapua and Norma brass is dimentionally correct per the Lapua and VihtaVouri reloading manuals BUT the Win and Rem Brass is undersized per Lapua /Viht reloading maunals. On the other hand the Win & Rem brass seen to be dimentionally correct per my Sierra reloading manual. Lapua says the base=0.480, Sierra+0.476. Dist to 1st shoulder break Lapua=1.704, Sierra=1.693. Dist to shoulder/neck junction, Lapua 1.852, Sierra 1.840. Lapua uses CIP stansards and Sierra uses SAAMI. NOW, HERE"S MY Question. Seing that I"M reloading for a Mil-surp chamber from a rifle made in Scandinavia and I want to "Full Length Size" my brass for my Mil-surp Sandinavian chamber, where in the HE-- am I going to buy a Full Length Sizer Die that is cut to CIP dimentional standards. All the MAJOR reloadiing die companies are cutting their dies to SAAMI measurements. How much excessive brass streaching is going on tn those Mil-surp chambeers with SAAMI spec resized brass???? Yes I know abou neck sizing, which I do, BUT sooner or later you should Full length size and I dn't want to abuse my brass any more then necessary. I'm interested in comentary about the dimetional differences and also would like to find a source for a Full Length sizer made to CIP specs. JUST FOR FUN-- Why in the HE-- did SAMMI decide to screw with somethin that was working well ??? I mean that cartridge was invented in 1894+/- (I doubt that SAMMI was a "Gleam in it's father's eye in 1894) I guess that's the "Human" element, If it ain't broke--fix it anyway !!! THANX--SNEAKY
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OK Sneaky, measure your throat, but if it is like mine here is your recipe and technique, forgetting about the theory:

In my M41B, I load Lapua case, Fed Gold 210M, 44 grains of reloader 22 and either a 139gr Scenar OAL 3.150. That, in my rifle duplicates Swedish M41ball ammo and shoots 5 shots in a little over 1/3 inch at 100 if I do my part. About 2575 fps


My goal was to duplicate the swedish load in case I ever have the guts to try shooting that M41B past 100 yards, then I can use the BDC

Technique. I neck size and Ill get 10 loadings or so out of a Lapua case. I anneal after the fifth loading and trim to legnth as needed, usually on the third or fourth loading. I use a redding competiton neck sizer with a .293 need to check your own neck of course.

I am really enamored of the 6.5x55. I am loading a variation of the foregoing for my Blaser LRS (with the help of Pthfndr) that is 47 grains of RL-22 and an OAL of 3.100. That is giving me estimated 2750 fps plus, and it also shoots .366 at 100, five shots.

I use Lapau brass because it is as nice as Norma, and a hell of a lot cheaper! I use the Lapua in my two other swedes, but they get SMKs instead of Lapau.

Good luck with a great rifle!
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I was not confused at all, but I am now. Just for fun, my Speer Manual says
0.4803, 1.7106, and 1.8575 (looks like they measured in mm and converted). They loaded Federal cases. My brother gave me a Model 96 a few years ago, and I liked it well enough to order a Model 70 Classic Featherweight in 6.5x55. I have been loading IMR 4350, and just got a can of Reloader 22. Sounds like you have had good luck with it.
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Don't get overly worked up about it. A lot of the older chamberings have gone through slight variations and changes. The American made stuff will conform to a SAMMI spec known to be small enough to feed in everything ever made for the chambering, and probably comes off of U.S. adaptations that required converting from metric, which hasn't always been done accurately. The Europeans will be conforming to a CIP specification (metric) and which may be either more modern or older, depending on when it was last updated?

In either case, all commercial ammo will shoot in your gun and will then be fireformed to fit your chamber. Measure the fireformed case's headspace. The latter measurement may be done with a caliper and the Hornady (formerly Stoney Point) Cartridge Headspace Gage, or with the RCBS Precision Mic. For full-length resizing, screw your sizing dies into your press only far enough to reduce the headspace measurement (set the shoulder back) 2 or 3 thousandths, rather than turning the sizing die in far enough to touch down on the shell holder. Elsewise, use a neck-size-only die and you can ignore all that, but may not be able to feed such rounds from the magazine.

If you get the Hornady tool, the little red caliper base will also accept the inserts for their seating depth gage or the superior Sinclair stainless inserts for measuring from the casehead to the bullet ogive. If you buy the Hornady Cartridge Overall Length Gage with a 6.5x55 adapter, you will be able to do the throat and seating depth, and the resizing and headspacing, both. The RCBS Precision Mic will, too, and is cheaper if you own only the one caliber, but the Hornady gear will adapt to all cartridges.
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I would love to give my 2 cents worth, but:
The government made me sell my mint AG42B, and I included all records in the sale, and,
I can only talk in millimeters, which is clearly out of place here.

But a good swede is a joy forever, they can have my remaining M96 when hell freezes over after they lowered income tax to below 25%.

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