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45 acp bullets in 45lc case?

I just bought my first reloading setup and I also bought about 9000 .452 bullets at an estate sale, both 225g f.p. and 230g r.n. and I was wondering if I can use them in a 45 long colt case? I bought them for my 45acp but I am looking at a 45lc blackhawk, and that would be an inexpensive way to enjoy a big bore single action. I think it should work by the info in the reloading book, but I just wanted to make sure.
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I have successfully used the 225 fp bullets in 45 Colt. With the 230 RN projectiles, watch the overall length. I don't think it would be a problem in the older Rugers, as they were built on the Superblackhawk frame, but in some other revolvers, the bullet protrudes past the end of the cylinder.
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Old April 26, 2007, 01:55 PM   #3
John in AR
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I do that very thing. 230-grain lead flatpoints, over Titegroup in a .45LC case. Never a problem, but as Dillonhelp says, you have to watch OAL.

Watch for accuracy issues in your gun as well. A lot of .45LC guns like .454 bullets, and .45acp bullets are likely to be .451 or .452. No dangers, but accuracy could potentially be less than ideal, much like with the old .357/9mm convertible Blackhawks.
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I started out the same way reloading .45acp's then added reloading .45colt's.

I use .452 230gr LRN and loaded W231 for both.
I fine tuned the load to make them very accurate.

Hogdon has reloading data on their website that you may find helpful.
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I've probably loaded more ".45 ACP" bullets in my .45 Colt cases, than the bullets that were designed for it.

But my all time favorite plinking and informal target bullet for the .45 Colt was the old Lyman 230 grain full wadcutter. From several different guns, it cut one big ragged hole at 50 yards shooting from the bench.
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Before WWII

.45 Colt guns normally had .454 groove diameter. Afterwards, it became normal for guns to have .452 dia. I have Ruger Blackhawks, and have never had any trouble with ACP bullets.

Check you loading dies, mike the expander. If it is .454", you might want to use the expander from a .45 ACP set, 'specially if you are going to load above plinker level.
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A .452 cast bullet is a .452 cast bullet. I have loaded many of the 230gr RN in .45 Colt cases. They work great. I also have some 255gr LSWC bullets I am current loading into ACP cases. This bullet over 5grs of Unique is exceptionally accurate in one of my .45s. (Safe in my guns, your mileage may vary) Just be sure you have good safe loading data from a reliable source, and load [email protected]@
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Old April 28, 2007, 07:13 PM   #8
Johnny Guest
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ACP bullets in .45C are fine

My first efforts in loading .45 colt, nearly 40 years ago, were an outgrowth of my ACP reloading. I bought a shell holder and used ACP dies, properly adjusted, with home cast 225 LRN bullets. I used the same charge of Unique I'd been loading with that bullet in ACP cases. It was a nice, mild plinking load for my new "western style" Colt SAA. Before long, I bought a used set of .45C dies.

In recent years, I've loaded quite a few bulk packed 230 LRN ACP bullets over around 8.0 gr of W-231 for use in my S&W .45 Colt Mountain Gun. These get around 900 fps and I shoot 'em in IDPA style matches. The smooth profile RN bullets load very nicely from HKS speedloaders.

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