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H335 load for M1 Garand ?

Got a few extra pounds of H335. Never used this powder for M1 before. What load do you use for your M1 ? Only used it before(H335) for .223 and AR loading.........Thanks
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My guess is that it's pressure curve would be bad ju-ju with your op-rod.

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No net.

Ball powder will work in a 30-06, but I wouldn't. Pressure room for error. Don't know any experienced 30-06 reloader using ball powder. And of course, everyone knows that the reloading world revolves around me. Ha Ha.

I think IMR 4895 will produce the same & even more velocity with less pressure than any ball powder will for a 30-06. Check the manual. Speaking of such... I think some manuals explicitly do not recommend ball powders in a large capacity cartridge like the ought-six. Did I mention to check the manual?

I'd keep that H335 cool & dry and keep it handy for future .223 & 308 loads.
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I've had good luck in my Garand with IMR 4895 and 152 gr. FMJ bullet.

I noticed you reside (as I do) in what formerly was known as the great state of Illinois.

Better shoot up that H335 in your AR quick, because if Emil Jones and the rest of the 2nd Amendment re-writers in the IL State legislature have their way, as early as next week we will see a law banning those evil AR's.

BTW, 47.3 grains of IMR 4895 with Ball M2 152 gr. FMJ is the load I use in my M1, with Lake City brass and CCI 200 primer. Never had a slam fire; just make sure to seat the primer below flush. I seat that bullet at 3.325" OAL.
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Old March 13, 2007, 02:25 PM   #5
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Lake City's 1972 M2 ball is loaded with ball powder. Probaby WC846, since they were using it for .308 ball at that time. It's principle drawback is that it fills the case poorly, so ignition is tempermental. BL C-2 is the nearest commercial equivalent. H335 is actually faster than BL C-2 and is intended for the .223. It can be used in .30-06 for the Garand at the low-end of the bullet weight range (150 grains).

The trick with the Garand is that the powder pressure curve needs to be such that both the chamber pressure and muzzle pressure fall within certain limits. At the breech end the chamber pressure should be within the usual SAMMI limit of 60,000 PSI (by piezo transducer-not CUP). At the muzzle, pressure should be below about 8500 PSI (8000 is better) at the time the bullet exits, to avoid bending the op-rod. This rules out a lot of slower powders that do well in .30-06 bolt guns, like H4350, which produces muzzle pressure nearer to 10,000 PSI in a 24" barrel.

Hornady's loading manual has 3 separate pages of .30-06 information just for the Garand, because of the above limits, but also because some Garands are no longer in the best condition, so the loads are pretty anemic. For their 150 and 155 grain .308 bullets, they have a starting load of 36.9 grains of H335, and a maximum load of 46.4 grains. As I commented before, these fill the cases poorly (60% to 75% over that range), so you will have a lot of velocity variation depending on the powder's position in the case at the time you fire. You will want to debur flashholes and use CCI #34 or other magnum primers to limit the disadvantage.

Higher loading may be done. I have a note about getting decent accuracy from both 43.0 grains and 47.1 grains of H335 under the Sierra 150 grain MatchKing, but I had a new condition op-rod and a new barrel with a tight chamber. Your's will be an individual, like all guns. I conditioned the cases as described. You will want to buy a ported cylinder lock plug to reduce op-rod pressure, like the McCann device Brownells sells, if you are going to try heavier loads or slower powders?
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