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Old February 6, 2007, 11:42 PM   #51
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Samurai... re your sig -

Running rounds = fun - running punches = work.


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Old February 14, 2007, 01:57 AM   #52
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When I took my CCW class, the instructors said that they had had only one person ever that could not pass the class, but they did say that they had failed numerous people for safety issues on the range and that they had no problem failing us if we did not follow their range safety instructions.
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Old February 14, 2007, 11:17 AM   #53
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Yeah. It wasn't allowed there, either. But, the instructor was friends with the owners, had free-run of the range that day, and was given a little leeway (given that he was messing with one of his students ).


We have a saying: If it's not fun, you're not doin' it right. Strike training should be done in groups of friends, with music playing, and people interacting. Hitting a bag by yourself is BORING, just like shooting by yourself can get boring.

But, that's irrelevant. The point is, we contemplate "punching somebody's lights out" MUCH more frequently than we contemplate shooting someone. (In fact, most young men will get into a fight at least ONCE in their lives. Hardly anyone ever gets into a shootout.) And yet, most of us on this forum don't train to fight NEARLY as hard as we train to shoot.

It's just an interesting observation of priorities... You are almost ASSURED to get in a fight at least once in your life. But, obesity, high blood pressure, and calcium depletion is rampant in this country. Americans are EASY to hit! Why don't we train???

Just a thought, really... Now, back to the thread!
- Honor is a wonderful and glorious thing... until it gets you killed!

- Why is it that we fire 1,000 rounds and know that we need more practice, but yet we punch a bag 10 times and think we know how to fight?

- When in doubt, train, train, train...
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Old February 28, 2007, 11:09 PM   #54
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One student in my class failed the shooting portion of the test. I had a bad feeling when they handed him the rental gun and he pointed it at several people next to him. Later during the test, the instructor pulled him from the line when he ran out of ammo (50 rounds) about half way through the test. Instead of loading five/shooting five (etc.), as instructed, he just kept filling the mag, then shooting until it got quiet. It turns out that English wasn't his first language, so I don't think he understood the commands. I think they let him re-take it, but I cannot imagine that he passed the written part, either.
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Old March 1, 2007, 09:21 AM   #55
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The class I took in January did in fact "fail" one person. He had little shooting experience and had only just bought his Glock the week before.

The company that gave the class allows retaking the class for whatever reason within 30 days, so there was no pressure to pass clients.
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Old March 1, 2007, 10:15 AM   #56
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I don't have a CCW yet and am a new gun owner. I'm not sure if I should get one, I live in Florida. Are classes required to get a CCW and if not should I take classes anyways? I figure you can never be too safe.
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Old March 1, 2007, 10:40 AM   #57
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As a new gun owner, you should probably take a class anyways, to get familiar with your gun and the basics of good shooting technique. Always be learning, and don't ever feel like you know it all. There are always things to be gained from another's experiences. That being said, I would only apply for the CCW permit if you actually plan on carrying. Carrying a weapon is a big decision and a big responsibility. You should not come to that decision lightly. The Florida class is not difficult at all, even for beginners, and you would have no problems if you took it. But again, why do you want your fingerprints on file, and your background checked if you have no intention of ever carrying your gun?
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Old March 1, 2007, 11:10 AM   #58
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I watched a lady fail the shooting CCW sequence several times (Kentucky). But they kept working with her until she finally passed. It was interesting. I was standing directly behind her. She had a smith Model 36 Chiefs Special. When you looked at her shooting it appeared she had good stance and was aiming correctly. I was looking over her gun it looked like it was on target and could not miss at the 7 yards they had her shooting. But, not one bullet hit the target. It was like she was shooting blanks. Finally the instructor basically guided each shot and she passed. I hope she kept trying to improve.
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