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Big Yac
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Speer 260gr JHP bullets in a 45 ACP

I loaded some .454 Casull rounds up using these bullets and today I just ran across some data for them in a 45 ACP using Herco for a velocity of 847fps. Has anyone ever tried this combo or even this bullet in a 45 ACP? How did it work? Is there data for any larger bullets in the 45, like maybe some 300gr XTPs? I know these bullets are awfully heavy for a 45 ACP load but I'm just curious. Thanks
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T. O'Heir
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You'd run into OAL issues with those bullets. Or a bullet that's a long way into the case.
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That seems like too much weight to get that velocity and be within normal pressures !!
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I've loaded some of those Speer 260's for my 45. Only a couple mags full and did not load them to 850 I'm sure. I just wanted to see if thet would function ok and they did.

I had read an article about the loads in some old magazine that has got away from me now, The guy ran a slew of them (hotter than I loaded them) through a Combat Commander and it eventually cracked the frame at the slidestop hole. Anything heavier than than 260 would just crack it sooner.

I think the idea was to have something that one could defend against a bear with in a pinch for one who does not have a 44 mag or similar. I abandoned the idea and just bought a 44 mag. So it is possible but pretty hard on the gun. I don't recall the load offhand, I'd have to look it up.
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Johnny Guest
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I hate to be a naysayer to your quest for knowledge, BUT - - -

Some years ago, when bowling pin matches were THE game, I experimented with some LSWC bullets in .45 ACP. They ran some 265 gr cast from linotype metal. I wanted the sharp edges of the meplat and shoulder to dig in, and a LOT of momentum to move the pins off the table. Seems I decided the ideal load would consist of a charge of Unique that pushed 'em at about 750 fps. After a couple of hundred rounds, I decided that this was a senseless abuse of good pistols and gave it up. (A very similar load put up in Auto Rim cases still works well in my old 1917 S&W revolver, though.)

Looking at the original specifications for the 1911 pistol, it was set up to handle the 230 gr bullet in the 820 to 860 range of velocities, a fairly narrow window. The timing was set up to balance THAT cartridge with the rifling type, the locking of barrel to slide, and the spring loading. Changing any part of the equation got away from the design that worked supremely well. Bullseye shooters puzzled things out for LIGHT loads early on, but handling heavy loads required some rather extensive tinkering: spring-loaded plungers within the recoil spring guide, rubber or fiber buffers, and heavier springs. These protected the frames from battering pretty well, but made dependable shooting of standard loads problematic.

For a time, I went to a special-order, longer version of the H&G #68 bullet that weighed at about 235 gr. I got decent results at about 850 fps. The sharp edges grabbed the plastic-coated wood nicely, with less wear and tear on my pistols. I soon moved along and concentrated on loading ammo fairly equivalent to factory velocities and pressures. When I want more power than the .45 ACP is designed to deliver, I go to a big bore and/or magnum revolver.

Oh, and, there's NO WAY I'd subject my beloved 1911 pistols to a 300 gr. bullet in any loading.

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