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Nicely put W.B.B.
Teach a kid to respect wildlife, then teach a kid to hunt and fish.
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I will say agin. I believe it "depends" on where you hunt and what you believe. I don't live in the inner city I live about 5 miles from the city limits and it is a small city called Rock Hill in SC. Also when I moved here there were no nighborhoods. The ones to either side(not as close as you may think) of where I hunt only sprung up a few years ago. Also a deer 100+ yrds away isn't going to know where your scent is coming from, and if you think your potiential predator scent is the only one in the woods then you are wrong. Do you really honestly think foxes, dogs, coyotes, bob cat, panther, bear..ect don't urinate or deficate in your hunting area? The deer in my area are just as wary as any other deer after the rut. Also I did state that when I still hunt way up in a tree that I put out deer attractent scent around the base of my tree. Too I have been successful in more remote areas with nothing more and I have killed a few 8 point several 6s innumerable 4s and cow horns and doe all with out covers and scent free deoderants or special camoflage clothing. Those guys you see on TV are sponsered by those that want your money and get all that stuff for free and will tell you what ever thier sponsors want them to tell you.
After a few beginning season freezer fillers from still hunting I do like to stalk hunt with a pistol. When I stalk I do use a cover. Real Tree raccoon urian, and nothing else and have been sufficiantly success with that too.
As to the AK kill. I wasn't out in the woods to hunt. I was going into the woods to do some target shooting. Also when I first bought the land on which I live and hunt most of the time I was broke and had only my Colt King Cobra SS 4". So I bought the cheapest most powerful rifle I could find. A bulgarian SKS for $100 back in '94 and killed many a deer with it using wolf JHP's and SJSP's. The longest shot well over 250yrds on a six point, using iron sightes, and killed it where it stood. Every deer I ever shot died on the spot with that rifle and those rounds except 1 and it only ran about 20 yrds.
I say agin all you who buy into these you gotta have this and you gotta have that and you gotta have a super powerful/super accurate scoped rifle to be successful ads have been played buy the big buisnesses. A fool and his money are soon parted.
Incoming rounds have right of way.
Semper Fi Marines.
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IMHO, use Scentkiller brand non-scented deodorant, and Scentkiller spray.

That stuff works...My father had a 8 point stand DIRECTLY downwind at 18 yds.(the distance between him and the now venison deer!) and still not smell him or his camel cigs.

Yes, he and the deer were both at ground level...No, he was not in a blind of any sort...just leaning against a tree...
"I may disagree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."-Voltaire

"Baaa or Freedom!" - Ted Nugent

"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth." - Ghandi

"The Addiction to Guns, The only addiction to ever SAVE a life!"- Me
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Wind Wind Wind

You can use all the scent killer in the world it may or may not help you. But if you hunt with the wind in your face they won't smell you.

I've used all the stuff out there I've killed 80 + deer with a bow and over 175 with a firearm. I don't care how careful you are with your scent if a strong breeze is blowing toward the game you can hang it up. (99 times out of a 100). Of course there are exceptions to every rule.

All of natures best predators stink to high heaven I've have never smelled a fox or a coyote that didn't stink up a storm. They are always careful of the wind. That's why you shouldn't go coyote calling on real windy days unless you got the perfect setup. Some lay of the land that forces them to ignore the wind like a river or something similar. They will invaribly circle to get down wind of the noise. The best days to call are on windless or nearly so days.

Oh did I mention pay attention to the wind! LOL!

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