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Old September 24, 2000, 04:19 PM   #1
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I'm looking for 9mm load data for a Ruger PC9 with 16" barrel. The 9 through a 16" barrel should have significantly improved velocities over pistol barrels. Only my Lyman's reloading manual (47th) has data for carbines in 9. There isn't much data, and the velocity gains seem minimal compared to those for the .357 mag. Anyone found any good sources for 9mm reloading data for carbines? I would think the carbine would launch the 147 gr. FMJ or FMJHP much faster and with much different results. The Lyman data shows hard cast 147 at under 1200 fps. What gives?? Thanks
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Stephen A. Camp
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Hello. I couldn't find my old notes from years ago when I chronographed 9mm handloads from an UZI with a 16" bbl. It seems that 115 gr Sierra JHC/6.2 gr Unique did right at 1500 ft/sec. I do not know of current load data specifically for carbines in this caliber, but would recommend slower powders such that you can take advantage of the extra bbl length. Best.
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I reload for both the .357 and the 9mm. I would add to Stephen's reply with the comment that it seems that most commercial rounds are designed to burn all the powder by the time the bullet leaves the shorter barrels commonly used with that loading. I think the existance of 2" snubbies is why there is very little in the way of factory loads that will come even close to a low pressure .357 magnum load using Alliant 2400 ... this powder still seems to be burning when the bullet comes out of the 6" bbl on my Smith 586 but the velocities are impressive!

The typical 9mm loads all use much faster powders (my Alliant sheet doesn't even list a 2400 load in 9mm ... but it has one in .40 S&W) Internal ballistics are not simple ... but slower burns producing pressure over longer distances should make for better carbine loads.
Best of luck ... be safe,

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With the 9X19 the problem you'll run into in taking advantage of the longer barrel length is case capacity. Unlike the 357 mag, the 9X19 simply doesn't have enough room to to produce really large velocity gains through use of slower burning powders: this is particularily so when using heavier bullets.

BTW, please stay away from loads which produce pressures beyond published maximums.. I've seen several nice carbines damaged by handloaders who refused to stay with sensible loads, or those who used SMG fodder...


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While I reload lots of 9mm for my handguns, I just buy Wolf 9mm for my 9mm AR15 upper. Just bought 1K for $96 OTD. The only drawback to it is it's dirty.
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Swampy, the Accurate Smokeless Powder manual also has a 9mm carbine section.

The lighter bullets get a bigger velocity boost in the carbine length barrels than the heavy bullets.

Regards! DaMan

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Old September 26, 2000, 11:36 AM   #7
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I ordered the 9mm load book from Midway. It has the recommended loads from several bullet manufacturers. I believe Sierra had a special section after the 9mm pistol section which was dedicated to 9mm rifle data. The powder charges were a LOT less for the rifle.

For example, they list 6.4 as the max for pistol with Unique, but somewhere around 5.6 for rifle.

You can buy the book cheaply from Midway, or pick up the full Sierra manual.
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Old September 28, 2000, 12:12 PM   #8
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Why would SMG ammo damage a carbine? Most SMG s are just blowback guns - they don't even have a locked breech.
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