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Old August 30, 2000, 09:52 AM   #1
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Okay, I'm ready to start using my Dillon to reload for rifle. Previously I've used the Dillon for pistol (with carbide dies)and my single stage for rifle. My question is what is the proper method to handle case lube on the progressive. I currently use Dillon spray on lube with the single stage, resize, wipe my cases down, and proceed with priming,charging, and bullet seating. Should I just run all cases through the progressive, and then wipe down the loaded rounds, or stop and clean each case after sizing? Also is there a better method to remove the lube than wiping each round with an old rag? Thanks,rezman

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I don't know if this is the best method but it the one I have been useing for a long time.I use the Hornady lube(little tub),its a little messy but I like it.I single stage my cases on full length resize and then put them in the tumbler to remove the lube.Check primer pockets for media and reprime with a lee auto prime.I then run them through my dillon for loading.I don't put a die in the first stage at all.This works well for me.

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Johnny Guest
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I use combination of your method and beemerb's--I like the Dillon spray-on, and I also single-stage for sizing. I like the vibatory case cleaner better than wiping down the cases on at a time. I usually trim cases in a separate operation, and de-burr them. Then comes the progressive.

I sometimes put in an oversize sizing die, backed WAY out, with an undersized expander in it, and use the decapping for the sole purpose of making sure there is no cleaning media particles in the flash hole. This is sometmes a bit too much trouble, so I simply inspect carefully and use a leather awl to clear the flash hole.

I go ahead and prime at station one.

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Bill in NM
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First let me say that I shoot a lot of semi-auto rifle rounds (223 Rem). This necessitates a fair amount of trimming. What I do is:
Size/trim with Dillon RT1200 set up on a different press.
Throw into tumbler
Load on RL550

It is a bit more of a hassle than doing pistols on the RL550, but this is what I've found the easiest.

Good luck,
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Neato, I was just trying to figure out the same thing. What I came up with was (for my bolt action) Deprime with collet die. Or lube and use Lee full-length sizer (for brass fired in other guns). wipe off. trim length (by hand, for now). clean primer pockets, toss in walnut shells for a bit, and use station 1 as prime only.
glad to see most agree on the basics, I know I must have an OK method.
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Old August 30, 2000, 10:05 PM   #6
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just spray your cases and go. There is no need to pick up each case and wipe lube before you advance to another step. You ought to be able to load several hundred rounds in an hours time on the Dillion. I just dump all my loaded brass into a tumbler and tumble them for awhile . It gets the lube off and makes them pretty and I just LOVE bright shiny ammo. The only thing you must watch is after a awhile your media will get loaded up with lube and you'll have too change it out a bit more often. You'll notice this when your bullets quit looking bright , they'll start looking dull.
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Old August 31, 2000, 09:39 AM   #7
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What Watchman said. I called the folks at Dillon regarding this very issue, and they suggested BRIEFLY tumbling loaded ammo, 15 minutes or so, with untreated media. I was dubious, but it works great.
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