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Old April 10, 2000, 09:54 AM   #1
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Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
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My favorite gun shop is suppposed to be getting a used Dillon 550 or 650 in this week.

He told me he will sell it to me for $250.

I don't know if it has an electic case feeder on it. I haven't seen it.

It sounds like a good deal to me.

What do you think?

How many rounds can I load an hour if it's a 550?

How many rounds can I load an hour without a case feeder compared to with a case feeder?

I load a lot of 9mm and maybe 200 rounds a month of 45 ACP.

Buy or pass?

The Seattle SharpShooter
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Old April 10, 2000, 11:17 AM   #2
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Buy it! I can honestly do 300 an hour with my Dillon and that's with me being real careful. For that price, if you don't want it, give me the name of the dealer. I'll buy it! That way I can have one for small primers and one for large
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Old April 10, 2000, 11:19 AM   #3
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Also, correct me if I'm wrong but there isn't a case feeder for the 550. 650 yes, 550 no.
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Old April 10, 2000, 01:14 PM   #4
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Location: Prescott, Arizona
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If it is a 550 or 650, DO IT! You can not go wrong. Dillon stands behind their stuff 100%. The presses are so well made there's not much to go wrong anyway.

The 550 does not accept casefeed.

Once you know your stuff you can load about 400 or so an hour on a 550.

Casefeed on a 650 is probably 20% faster than without, maybe more. I would highly recommend it if you load very much ammo.

The 550 is pretty simple and easy to run.

The 650 is fantastic, but not for those without mechanical inclination, IMO.


The 550 is much easier to change calibers on.
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Old April 11, 2000, 09:35 AM   #5
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Join Date: December 5, 1999
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA
Posts: 1,686
How many rounds can you load in (1) hour on a 650 w/o a case feeder?

The Seattle SharpShooter
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Old April 11, 2000, 10:25 AM   #6
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I reload using a RL550B and I can load around 100 rounds every 10 minutes. Since I have to manually index each round I would guess that you can put out probably 600 - 700 rounds without the case feeder. Either way that's a whole lot of ammo in a very short time. Good luck with your purchase!

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Old April 11, 2000, 10:47 AM   #7
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Even without the auto case feeder, the 650 has a case feed tube and automatic case inserter. Without the case feeder, you manually drop cases, base first, into the tube. It's probably 20-22 inches long, and so should hold a bunch of cases. I'm not mechanically gifted, but I have no problem with operating my 650.

It's kinda hard to figure a per-hour rate, because it will depend on how many primer feed tubes you have pre-loaded, how much brass you really want to load up, whether the powder charge is already dialed into your measure, etc. You'll find that you leave the press set up for a specific load as long as possible, and load up all your brass, before changing over. It really helps if you already have your pet loads already figured out, because fiddling with the powder measure is a time consuming process. I have a single-stage press that I keep, along with an RCBS Uniflow, to do load work-ups on.

Bye the way, $250 for a 650 is a steal. If it is a 650, and you don't want it, I have a buddy who's salivating over mine, and would buy it in a heartbeat. Please let me know.
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Old April 11, 2000, 03:27 PM   #8
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If it's a 650 and is in about any working condition it's worth that much for the bare press.
I load 600hr of .223 on a 650 with casefeeder without even trying. But, IMHO the magic ctg. on the 650 in the .45 acp. It will load .45 fast enough that you will keep another person busy just filling primer tubes, topping off the powder measure, bringing bullets, boxing loaded ammo and putting brass in the feeder!
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Old April 11, 2000, 06:31 PM   #9
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250 is not real bad for a used 550 either, especially if it comes with dies, shell plates and such, possible, but likely???

Should it turn out to "have problems", either one, Dillon will overhaul, and or IRAN (inspect and repair as necessary) at no charge, you sent it to them prepaid, and they send it back, same way.

Using a 550, I can load probably 250-300 rounds of 45acp/hr, comfortably. The biggest time eater is filling primer pick up tubes
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Old April 13, 2000, 12:27 AM   #10
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Used Dillons are as scarce as...well,you know.
buy it,and enjoy it forever.If it's a 650 your stealing it,and if it's a 550 your getting a good deal.....especially if any goodies are included.
I've had my 550 for 3 years and love it.It turns out all I need and then some.
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