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shotgun reloading

i got a 12ga press and a bunch of hulls what else do i need? im pretty sure i need something else to crimp em closed right?
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Smokey Joe
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Your needs

Jdm92584--for reloading shotshells, the first thing you need is KNOWLEDGE. Shotgun loads are notoriously sensitive to any change in powder, hull, primer, shot weight, anything. And in a shotgun, with its thin bbl, the last thing in the world you want is a KABOOM.

So before you go buying more "stuff," IMHO you need to buy a loading manual, and a book called The ABC's of Reloading. It's also very helpful if you can find an experienced reloader in yr area who can help you with puzzling questions--But don't use his word-of-mouth recipie: Get one in print.

Lyman's Shotshell Reloading Handbook is good for recipies; there are several others. The ABC's is not a recipie book, it is a how-to and more importantly why-and-why-not-to kind of reference. Get both of 'em @ yr local sptg gds sto, a gun show, the I'net, or the ABC's from the publisher at The ABC's is now on its 7th edition--They must be doing something right. (But if you find an old 6th edition, that one is good, too. No experience with the earlier eds.)

You'll need powder, wads, shot, and primers in addition to yr hulls, but the exact hulls you have will dictate WHICH wads you have to use, and yr intended use will dictate which shot size, and the 2 of those will dictate which powder and primer work with the load you need in the hulls you have. That's why you need the reference books.

BTW, if you have a normal shotshell reloading press, it will have a crimper to close the shells over the load, no need for anything else there, depending on which piece of equipment you do have. If a manual for using the press didn't come with it, get one of those from the manufacturer. It won't help you with the recipies nor the how-to of building shotshells, but it will help you get your particular press set up correctly, so's it works right, which is just as important.

Unfortunately, like most human activities, there is more--much more--to reloading shotshells than meets the eye at first glance. It's not rocket science; I'm not suggesting that you not do it, but I am urgently suggesting that you need to know more about it before starting.

FWIW, welcome to The Magnificent Obsession--Reloading! You're never done learning, and there are no masters--only students at various levels. Proceed carefully, ask questions, enjoy!
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--Smokey Joe
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before you crimp them

You need to know what and how much goes into them. First thing you need is a loading manual, then powder, wads, primers and shot. Then you can crimp them, and I bet the press is set up to do it "as is"
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slug loads?

If you're talking about slug loading, and you want to roll crimp, then you will need another crimper,(roll crimper). If you just want a normal star crimp, then the press you have will be set-up to do it. Most have provisions for both a 6 point and an 8 point crimp.

Definetly get the Lyman shotshell handbook. If your press is the 600 mec, then it will be the best bet, because they use the 600 as the example in their how to section.
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