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Old December 4, 2005, 01:18 PM   #26
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as much as the average citizen probably will be less likely to have to expect one arm to become mashed potatoes than to have to reload.

i'll stick with my autos. use those 6 shots to put them down, and i've still got at least another few to go after their family
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Old December 7, 2005, 09:44 AM   #27
High Planes Drifter
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I can rack the slide of my 1911 against my shoe. You cant do this with a full length recoil spring guide rod, but you can do it with the standard/ mil-spec guide rod. Reloading: I would think it would be hard to reload a revolver with one hand.(?) I mean, you either will have a speed loader to deal with , or you will have all of those loose bullets dropping everywhere ; all the while your bleeding and being shot at. I can reload my 1911 with one hand(see Dwight 55's post). I think I'll take my 1911. JMB designed it so soldiers in battle could operate it under extreme circumstances, one of the circumstances Im sure being one handed operation. Thanks JMB !
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Old December 7, 2005, 01:49 PM   #28
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Re Semi-auto or revolver.

I carry a Glock27 and very often a S&W 642 .38 snubby as a BUG. On the subject of loading a semi auto after one hand has been disabled see my post on the Fraternal Order Police Cop of the Year. She did a great job!
Here it is.
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Old December 7, 2005, 06:26 PM   #29
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Definately go with the Auto in this situation, for all the reasons mentioned earlier. i know how to operate it with one hand and i'm more familiar with it. I revolver I aint so good at yet. Not to mention the single action on my HK is much easier to fire that that long DA pull on revolvers every shot. i think that would also come it to play if you are so weak you'd be limp wristing an auto than you just might not be able to pull some revolvers DA triggers
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Old December 14, 2005, 08:11 AM   #30
Jack Malloy
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Either one can be reloaded or even operated one handed if you have been trained properly....and providing the semi auto is a full size 1911.

You can open the cylinder on a Smith one handed by sliding your middle finger into the trigger guard pushing the thumb latch with your thumb and pushing the cylinder to the side with your trigger finger. Set it down, set it between your knees or stick it under your armpit and reload. Some speedloaders using the push button technique and you are good to go.

The standard (and well worn) 1911 can be operated one handed easily. Put a magazine into the mag well, grasp the gun with your thumb on the grip safety back and your fingers on the top of the slide and close your fist. The slide will move forward. Release and the round is chambered. Or you can just stick the guide plug part of the slide against a table top and push it down and load the peice, providing you don't have a full lenght guiderod in it.

Now, the thing is this. In an emergency, either is as good as the other.However one handed manipulation of a revolver is a bit safer. At no time is the hammer cocked over a live round, without the safety on.
Also, remember, when it comes to loading magazines one handed, stuffing rounds into a cylinder with one hand is a lot easier.
Then there is dissasembly and cleaining. Is a lot easier to clean a wheelie with one hand than take apart a semi auto and reassemble it.

So, if you permanantly lost the use of one hand, you would be better off with the wheelgun than the bottom feeder.
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