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Old September 20, 1999, 10:54 AM   #1
cornered rat
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Can 30-06, 308, 303, 7.64x54R etc. be reloaded using 124 grain bullets meant for 7.62x39? Does actual (as opposed to nominal) diameter match? Can the bullet be seated far enough forward to function in bolt rifles? Would more powder have to be used? What kind of velocities can result?

Taking this further, can 32acp or 30 carbine 70-110 grain bullets be used in .30 cal battle rifle loads?
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Old September 20, 1999, 12:41 PM   #2
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Rat.. use the diamater bullet DESIGNED for your rifle. You are asking for overpressure and blow outs at worst.. and low accuracy at best.

But I recall that 7.62x39 russian bullets are the same diameter as .303 enfields. (I could be wrong)

On the other hand.. if you buy plastic sabots for your .308 or 30-06, you can shoot dirt cheap .223 cal bullets at AMAZING velocities. Most guys who do this are using their "game rifle" as a varminter too. Look into new ballistics info from sierra and others on using sabots and .223 varmint bullets in 308-30-06.

Stay safe,

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Old September 21, 1999, 01:01 AM   #3
Paul B.
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Cornered rat. Bullets for the 7.62x39 are .311 in diameter. It wouild be fun to watch the bulge run done your barrel, just like an ostrich swallowing oranges.
Seriously, you couls use Sierra 125 gr. .30 caliber bullets. 110 gr. bullets for the carbine can be made to zip along quite fast.
You can make a lot of fun loads with them.
Paul B.
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Old September 21, 1999, 08:21 AM   #4
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The 93 grain standard bullet for the 30 Mauser (nominal diameter 0.3085 from at least one manufacturer) is another candidate. If you check jacketed 30 calibre bullets you will see that quite a number run this large.

Without endorsing the practice, I'd remind all that during the golden age of the Springfield millions of .32 calibre (.311-.312) jacketed pistol rounds were fired thru 30 calibre (.308) barrels. The bullet is swaged down to barrel diameter as it enters the bore, it does not go thru the barrel creating a traveling bulge like a rat going through a snakes' digestive tract. If you must do this, do it safely. Use very light loads of powders designed for reduced loads such as IMR 4759 or Accurate XMP 5744. Insure that the powder stays in the back of the case, and do not try for high velocity. These bullets will not stand high velocity even if the pressures you get are stable and low.

As pointed out above, the use of a sabot is a much more practical solution if you want bullet speed to be high. Bob
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Old September 21, 1999, 07:54 PM   #5
Art Eatman
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To avoid liability problems, let me tell you that all my pet loads will absolutely, positively, blow up all other .30-'06s in the world. Nobody else is safe in using my loads.

I use 110-grain bullets in my '06 for varmint hunting. I use 53.5 grains of 3031, and have used various primers with no difference in accuracy...I'd guess these loads hit around 3,400 or so ft/sec.

A real fun load is to swage down the .32-20 flat-nose 80-grain, and put about 54 or 55 grains of 3031 behind it. This load is obscene, and does horrible things to jackrabbits. I screwed up royally in 1951, and shot a buzzard which was directly overhead. Sadly, folks, I did not have an umbrella. The operative word is, "Yuck!"

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