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Joe Portale
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Hi people,

Sorry if one or more of these have been asked before. I did scan the archieves and didn't see anything.

1) Has anyone else been having trouble with Winchester Large Pistol Primers? It seems that the last couple of batches are bad. It take three hammer falls to get them to fire. I put them through two diffrent pistols, a Springfield 1911 and a friends HK Compact.

2) Any truth to the rumor that WInchester has stopped shipping primers due to the demand for loaded ammo?

3) Does anyone have experience with using a .308 diameter bullet in a 7.69X69 (.311) rifle.


Joe Portale
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Tucson, Arizona territory

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I posted about the Win. LP primers somewhere (I suppose it was another board; I'm on too many to remember where I said what!). Both I and one of my friends have experienced misfires with the new brass colored primers. When I posted this, some others claimed to have the same problem.

I'm really upset about this as all my loads using large pistol primers are built around Winchester primers. Sometimes changing just the primer and nothing else can cause a shift of impact dramatically, requiring rezeroing the gun. Bummer!

I hope these guys can get their act together soon.
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Old September 2, 1999, 04:55 PM   #3
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All major product manufactures seem to be letting quality control slip lately.
I have no answer as to why, but can back some claims with personal experience.
About ten years ago I bought a case of Remmington Thunder Bolt 22's. Immediatly they started leading every barrel I shot them through. Contacted Remmington and after about a month of correspondence (and them testing my samples of the 22's), they sent me a check for TWO cases of ammo and asked that I "properly" dispose of the rest of the first case.
Shortly after that I bought a ton (80 bags) of hard Remmington shot. Five of us split the order.
While putting together some trap loads, I kept noticing irregularities in the shot. Well, this opened up a BIG can of worms. I went through five or six bags, took samples, and proceeded to log my findings with a magnifing glass. It was NOT hard shot (6% antimony) and it had over 10% defect in shot quality.... over size, under size, doubles, halves, flat, egg shaped, etc, etc.
After a lot of correspondence again, I shipped most of it back and again, they paid me $300.00 over my expenses.
Remmington has since corrected the problems in both these products and I still buy their brand.
Yesterday I cut open a "brand X" one ounce trap load and was SHOCKED at the quality of the shot in that round..... it weighed 440 gr. but 43gr. of it was unacceptably defective ! Now this brand is one of the top three, and it also had soft shot.
The best shot on the market today is West Coast Premium brand.
I have never had a problem with any Hodgdon powders, I've used six different rifle powders by them and found H-380 to perform the best of ANY powder in my 22-250.
Yet a fellow on another chat forum told me that he got horrible performance with H-380 and finaly gave it away.
About two years ago Winchester came out with a zink 209 shotshell primer. I had a good supply of the old copper ones, but I did load and fire 1,000 new ones just to see if any would misfire like some of the guys were complaining about..... they didn't.
There's a lot of talk now about CCI large pistol primers failing to fire.....mine must be the good OLD stuff.... no misfires.
I tried FIOCHI 209's, cheaper but harder to decap and they swedged the primer pocket too big to go back to CCI or WIN.
Experimenting now with CHEDDITE 209's.... the're cheaper.
I think the biggest problem people have with misfires can be traced to the firing pin or it's mechanism. That has been precisly
my experience. Broke three over the years in my favorite trap gun, then I learned to put three drops of good oil in the firing pin hole every six or seven hunderd rounds..... no more broken pins.
Reload, shoot more.

Ralph in In.

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