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10. Avoid confrontations with poachers and/or other hunters. I don't care how rude they are, or how right you are. It ain't worth having an argument with someone who is armed. And if they are a local, you will really have problems. A Sheriff will almost always side with a local, especially when the Sheriff notices that you have a rifle and that revolver (which I've already commented about ).
Ya the revolover is alittle too much in my books (we wernt allowed to hunt with them anyways ever). I rather take a 2nd shot at a animal from a safe distance then go that close that I could use a pistol to shoot it anyways

As for the cops siding with the locals if they are poachers or tresspassers I feel bad for you on your hunt. Up here the person who has rightful use is always sided with and the other guys get thrown in jail/fined/revokation of there hunting licenses. Police and Conservation Officers (Like your Wildlife Officers I think) always side with the rightful party up here since they hate poachers and tresspassers, mainly because the rightful parties in these situations are normally the ones that dont over hunt and donate to conservation stuff and the like You know we people that are in the right arnt the people that move into a area and kill every single living animal and leave the bodys on the ground and take there antlers etc only :barf:

I got pently of events of this happening with friends and other hunters I know too.

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Thanks everyone for all the advice. I am checking this message several times through the day, as well as the one @ THR. I am getting pretty excited, but I am trying to temper that by realizing my odds aren't very great.

Still sounds like a lot of fun, no matter if we get one or not.


I understand your concerns about the revolver, and I do see your point about it looking confrontational, and the weight as well. On the other hand though, I am a non-confrontational person who carries everyday anyways, and have for 3 years. Also the pistol will be concealed under my jacket most of the time.

I just remember reading all of those articles about the Chai Vang case were he chased down everyone who was unarmed, and shot them in the back. I know the odds of that happening out here are slim-none, but it still is something that concerns me a little bit. So the revolver is there to make sure that I always have something on me. One of those little things I had to do reassure my wife that I would be okay going hunting (she isn't so excited about it).

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Thanks for the tip Meek.

Here is some good info on water purification:
{thought cloud}
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And thanks for the link. From it comes an important statement which could easily justify using both filters and chemicals, then putting the final product in freezer bags to carry around inside one's jacket for a few hours before using it. "The colder the water, the less effective the chemical is as a purifying agent." Cold is not a problem down here in the subtropics but could be a real factor up in elk country.

BTW, I forgot about rotaviruses. A girl at work had a rotavirus infection last summer she picked up from her kid. She was sick for nearly 2 months! :barf:
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One other tip: better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. If the revolver will make you feel safer, then by all means take it (and hopefully you won't need it!).

And don't forget to let us know how the hunt goes!
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