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Now, if you were a BG, would you break into THAT house?
No, but I'd probably steal the pikes.
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a shotgun is the way to go. a carbine is too dangerous to the family and neighbors. i have a somewhat different idea on what to load it with. everyone always screams buckshot. i ask why. buck shot in a home is just as bad as having a carbine. it goes thru walls.worse yet once it goes thru it will still kill who ever is on the other side.we are not talking about a swat team clearing the house we are talking about you engaging one or more bad guys with your kids in the other room. for this reason i say regular bird shot loads. the first round or two in the mag tube is no 4 mag loads. then the rest bird shot. regular field loads. 7 1/2 or 8.this is an excellent round. if it goes thru walls it already dumped a lot of energy. i would rather have some birdshot pellets make it into the kids room than buck shot. as for how bad bird shot is. measure off the longest shot that could be possible in the house. were talking 10 or 12 feet max maybe a bit more. then go and put a target at that distance and shoot it.hell go get some dead pigs if you want. bird shot at this distance stays in a group of about 3 to 4 inches max. that is a huge hole to dump into someone. remember if you dont hit the off switch in the middle of the brain your not going to get that right now hit the floor effect. we are talking about wound channel. it greatly affects the body. a 4 inch round hole thru the chest or belly will usually stop your threat. if you dont believe me go buy a dead pig and shoot it at 12 feet and see the damage. i know buck shot stays about the same size group and may have more energy but this isnt what we are talking about it is the safety of your family and your freedom. it isnt out of the relm of possibility that some idiot prosecuter will charge you with man slaughter if you kill a third party defending your self. these things all need to me taken into account. also, if you think that while being shot at your going to be as good a shot as you are at the range then you either ignorant at best or recklessly stupid at have to take more into accoount that i got a shotgun loaded with buck shot i am invincable.people forget about many many factors when they decide things like this.

as for pump vers auto vers double barrel i say pump. i have seen several hundred rioting inmates hit the ground with only the sound of pump action being racked. it is the most intimidating thing you can immagine.well next to looking down the fire hose size hole if a 12 gage pointed at you.
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True that the pump sound is scary..

One thing to consider though is an inexperienced wife, scared as all hell in the middle of the night. An auto requires a little less thought If you buy a GOOD auto there will not be a question of failure.

Pump or Auto either would work.
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To use along with the pikes...

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If you can, get a dog + a shotgun and buy a lot of amo for training with it.
The point is not so much what kind of gun or what kind of ammo... Whatever you buy, learn to use it! Proper training and tactic is the key. But most of all: Have a plan of what to do if a perp break in at night, and practice it so it become a reflex. Have a safe place where you can retreat with your shotgun and celular phone, call the cops wait for the perp to come in your direction against a wall of lead
Now concerning what to choose, it depend if you have thick walls or not...think overpenetration. At home range, birdshot in a 870 remington is a big mass of lead
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