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ballistic software

Anyone have/ know of a good ballistics software program? I'm looking for wide in-put parameters (temp, wind, barrel length...). I have not used any software, it hos just been the chronograph, calculator, a pretty wild SWAG here and there, Sir Isac Newton, and me. I'm concidering something a bit more percise. thanks
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Take a look at QuickLOAD by Neco.

You can:

* Select Bullet
* Select Powder
* Predict Velocity
* Predict Pressure
* Analyze Trajectory
* View drawings and photos of cartridges
* More than 840 cartridges
* 180 powders
* 2200 bullets

It's expensive, but worth it. The software is bundled with QuickLOAD, QuickTARGET and QuickDESIGN. QuickLOAD is the ballistic predictor program. QuickTARGET pulls the load data from QL and provides custom drop tables and trajectory information for the exact load you specify. QuickDESIGN allows you to design your very own cartridge and evaluate its ballistic properties. Combine all three pieces of software and you can design, evaluate and print up drop tables for your cartridge and load.

For example, I have a 40 and 50 grain varmint load. I printed up two different drop tables and just swap them out of the back of a binder for reference while at the range.

The program is infinitely adjustable. Barrel length, temperature, case capacity (propellant and water), moly coated, seating depth are adjustable with predicted velocity and pressure versus time and bbl lenth. You can also select a specified pressure or velocity and the propellant amount will adjust to fill your requirements. It even has a section where you input your primary requirement (velocity, pressure or even case capacity) and select the speed of powders that you want to use for the load and the software will select the 'best' powders for that simply have to see it to believe it.

It's not for the faint of heart though...the sheer amount of information can be daunting at times. A new component can be quickly predicted to perform well or not by a review of the data.

At the least, download the demo program from the link above...

Good Luck...

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Old July 18, 2005, 01:15 PM   #3
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Ed, when you say "design your own" are you saying it has parameters for speculations and "wildcatting" or just input of mic'ed values of your fireformed cases? It sounds like something I will have to look into. Thanks
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Old July 18, 2005, 01:53 PM   #4
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Perhaps I misled you. The QuickDESIGN demo comes with the bundle.

The price includes the complete QuickLOAD and QuickTARGET. QuickDESIGN is an additional, ouch, $150.

Straight from the website:

QuickDESIGN has arrived. This computer aided cartridge design program is the latest revolutionary creation from Hartmut Broemel. Design cartridges by modifying cartridges in the QuickDESIGN files or design a cartridge from scratch. Print drawings similar to SAAMI or in CIP format.

Many drawing options:

Create your own scale.

Compare cartridge to chamber to see if barrel needs to be reset for a different cartridge of the same caliber.

On-screen 1:1 scaling for comparison to actual cartridges.

Draws wire-frame, outline, outline with interior walls, solid model drawings and interference points with chamber.

Drawing can be rotated and translated about X, Y and Z axes.

Print out data sheets in SAAMI or CIP format standards.

Import generated data into QuickLOAD/QuickTARGET for interior/exterior ballistic analysis.

Many more unique features.

Hope that answers your questions...

BTW, what do you think of the QL demo?

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Old August 30, 2005, 10:12 AM   #5
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I use Robs Reloading Organizer,for reloading and to keep track of your firearm inventory..Check out this link..You can use it free for 30 days..With me I used it and had to purchase the I think $30 registration fee(Well Worth It IMO)..I use LEE SHOOTER,POINT BLANK,This is the best one for the price..
Just check this link out and tell me what you think..
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I'd just use any of the ones you can find by searching online. A traditional BC calculator will ask for MV, BC, sight height, barrel angle (usually set to zero) plus any environmental data. Published BC's are usually a little iffy, and environmental data is as well (temp, ambient pressure, humidity, etc). Garbage in = garbage out.

Regardless of which one you use, remember that it's just a prediction and isn't a substitute for actual data collected at the range.
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