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Remington 1858 repros

Okay, I know technically Model 1858 is a misnomer, but I'm interested in getting my first cap and ball revolver, and I like the features of the Remington over the Colts. I have noticed that the reproductions are made by a variety of manufacturers, though, and I'm wondering if there's a significant difference between them that I should be aware of, or if they're of roughly comparable quality?
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I own the Pietta 1858 Remington. It came from Cabela's about 3 years ago. I also purchased the R&D cylinder conversion for it. I have never shot black powder from it, but I have fired over 500 rounds of .45 LC from it. It's the most accurate (or I shoot it the best) revolver I own! Some say the Uberti's are the best, but I am very pleased with my Pietta. Paid $139 for mine, they are more now cause the value of the dollar has changed.

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Old July 4, 2005, 12:27 AM   #3
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Remington price.

You can still get a '58 Remington from Cabela's for $159 (that's the steel frame, not brass). They even offer a shorter 5 1/2" barrel version for the same price.
FWIW the R&D cylinders that allow .45 LC ammo are very well made, but you will pay for that. Likely more than you pay for the gun. Last I saw one it was about $250.
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Cabela's typically has the best price on blackpowder revolvers, from what I've experienced. My latest acquisition is a steel 1851 Colt (Pietta) for $149, which was $30 cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Some places had it listed for well over $200. I always start at Cabela's, but occasionally buy from the specialty shops online. I pay more there, but I like doing something to help keep them in business.

The 1858 Remington is a wonderful choice. It was the first BP revolver that I bought as well, and it was a Pietta. You used the phrase "roughly comparable quality" in your kickoff question, and I would say yes. Uberti may be slightly better, on average, but Pietta is certainly in the same ballpark. For the price savings, well worthy of your consideration.
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Old July 5, 2005, 05:20 PM   #5
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Thanks for the replies guys. I did strongly consider Cabelas, but I decided to go with an 8" Uberti from Midway USA. It was definitely a tough choice, but I figured since I have the money to spare I'd buy the Uberti. I'm considering buying one of the 5 1/2" versions from Cabelas to go with it sometime down the road, however, incase I ever decide to try out my hand at CAS.
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Old July 5, 2005, 06:09 PM   #6
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Let me put it this way: I sold both of my Ruger Vaqueros and kept my 7-1/2" Uberti Remmies. I shoot them with the Taylors/R&D conversion cylinders and Cabela's c'boy loads. Very accurate and a lot of fun. Now I want a pair of '75s to go with them.
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Old August 8, 2005, 01:11 AM   #7
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i have the uberti version. shoots well. the only thinkg i noticed is that all teh screws seemed loose out of the box. i tightend them up. i have had no problems but dont have allot of rounds thru it. picked it a few months ago. too hot in vehas to shoot right now!
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Old August 15, 2005, 09:39 PM   #8
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On the whole, I'd rather have loose screws than the one ultra tight one that seems to show up in a lot of the Italian replicas. I know of three companies producing the 1858-63 New Model Army right now. Pedersoli has a very expensive, high quality one made in a German factory. it has won a few of the International Muzzle Loading Committee championships lately. Then there is Uberti and Pietta.
My guess is that you're odds of satisfaction are higher with a uberti though a lot of recent buyers are very happy with their Piettas. The guns are pretty widely distributed and you should be able to get extra parts for either through VTI Gunparts and likely, Taylor & Company. It's nice to be able to get spare parts - especially the three springs for any traditional single action design as even the best ones are prone to metal fatigue and eventual breakage.
At this time, Uberti, Uberti USA,Cimarron Arms and Texas Jacks ( the later two closely associated and dealing in Uberti products actually provide customer service and keep a large stock of spare parts on hand. Pietta offers a list of gunsmiths who have worked on their guns in the past but when I asked for it, there was no response. I also asked them about customer service and got no answer to that either. Likewise, my efforts to warranty register a Pietta LeMat went unacknowleged.

The 1858 remington retained that marking throughout its production. The number refers to the year Remington acquired the patent held by one Beals who developed the design in 1856 immediately upon the expiration of Colt's domestic patent extension. The first Remington .36 and .44 revolvers went into production in 1860 and lacked the hammer rest (safety) notches on the rear of the cylinder between the chambers. Over thenext three years, these were added as well as some modification to the loading lever- base pin assemblys. The final design came in 1863 and was called The New Model Army (Navy). It stayed in production until replaced by a cartridge revolver in 1875. It does appear that the great majority of them were made during the civil war years.

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Old August 16, 2005, 09:47 PM   #9
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i have a stainless one that came in by armsport miami i think it's a pietta real nice shooter very accurate at 20 ft and 100 yds high in between. if you ever see one at a show grab it
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Old August 17, 2005, 07:02 AM   #10
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This is a Pietta from 20-25 years ago. The owner had it engraved by a talented local guy and then didn't shoot it much until lately. It is extra accurate and he has the trigger set at about one pound. Barrel and chambers are in good register and the dimensions are good for accuracy.
He did have to relieve the frame a bit to get it to cycle and the nipple holes werer bored shallow on a couple of chambers making it necessary to shorten the cones for those.
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Old August 18, 2005, 12:18 AM   #11
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hey atw525, i have a cimmaron remington in 5.5 inch and my buddy has a pietta from cabelas, on comparison the uberti from cimmaron has the chambers bored out larger than the pietta. also the fit is much better, i know you will say im preducied to the cimmeron-uberti but i really think it is a better gun. the pietta with checkerd grips and case hardened frame is much prettier though. the cimmaron is verrry accurate though. with 40 grains of 3f or triple 7. i lean toward the triple 7 though, easier to clean and seems more powerful, round balls of course.
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