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Old May 6, 2000, 01:48 AM   #1
W. F. McElhany
Join Date: May 5, 2000
Location: Morganton, NC
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Please bear with this lowly first time poster. I have just started driving a Mazda Miata to and from work and need suggestions on the best method to carry a handgun while in the car. (I have a CCW) Normal strong-side carry is almost impossible to use in the confines of this car, and as I like to drive top-down I need fairly quick access. I have a couple of ideas but will listen to yours before I make a decision.

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Old May 6, 2000, 08:23 AM   #2
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Without info on your size, build, mode of dress and laws of your state and type of gun it's hard to be specific.

If you want to wear it - then a shoulder holster or cross draw holster are your holster options. With a smaller gun a vertical tilt IWB worn on the left side. (Assuming you're right handed.) Another option would be to forego the holster and put it in your waistband/seat belt - (if it is a make for which you can get one or another of the "clip grip" style carriers you could use that option).

For a smaller gun you might consider a good ankle holster and just hike your trouser leg a bit while driving for quick access. Sitting folded into a small sports car might be one of the few situations where an ankle holster could be almost as fast as any thing else.

Another option is to lay it on the passenger seat with an open book (heavy enough that the wind doesn't bother it) over it. A heavy paper bag (like you get at the supermarket when buying ice cream) would also work. Tucking it between the seat and console (with or without some type of holster) is a possibility if the gun is large enough - or between your leg and the seat if the gun is small enough.

Something like a low cost nylon holster and a couple of strips of velcro and you could rig an accessable - but discrete - carry holster on the front of the driver's seat cushion.

If it's J-frame or smaller just drop it into your shirt pocket.

I'm sure there are other options that will be suggested. Let us know what - and why - you pick.

Jim Fox
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Old May 6, 2000, 08:32 AM   #3
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I had the same problem with my Suburban. No, really, kind of. We take long trips and it was just too uncomfortable keeping my weapon in my holster for the deration.

What I ended up doing was getting a left handed holster and mounting it btwn my seat and the counsel (Captains Chairs w/counsel btwn them). The grip of the gun sat just even with the seat. I'd switch the gun over when I got in. Worked just find for me but when my wife drove the car the seat was waaaaay forward and that put the weapon too far back for quick excess for her.

I then got one of my old holsters (right handed) that had tention adjustment in it and mounted it under my dash. It is directly beneath the ash tray (which we don't use except for change). The butt of the pistol sticks out from under the dash... however, with the ash tray down it is mostly covered. To access it (either wife or I) all we do is grap the butt... (it is at such an angle that just grabbing the butt causes the ashtray to close) and pull.

If you sit in your car and think "outside the envelop" on where to mount a holster I'm sure you will find some place suitable that allows quick excess to the gun.

Another option would be a specific holster made for driving. A few makers have these. They snap onto your seatbelt and the gun rests on your lap in the holster.

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Old May 6, 2000, 08:16 PM   #4
W. F. McElhany
Join Date: May 5, 2000
Location: Morganton, NC
Posts: 54
I will normally carry a S&W 4516 and out of the car use a belt slide or a IWB holster. I don't like shoulder holsters that much but since I'm in and out of the car I may have to reconsider. I have looked at some of the speciality holsters (The Carjacker by Andrews Leather) but I feel they would be hard to keep concealed in a convertiable. I have been toying with mounting a kydex holster inverted on the left side of the center console(next to my right knee) I think it will be out of sight, secure and easy to access if needed.

Life NRA, LLEA, Quail Unlimited,Ducks Unlimited
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Old May 7, 2000, 03:24 PM   #5
Join Date: February 7, 2000
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Anyone have any names or better yet urls to these holster makers producing holsters intended for in-car use?

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Old May 8, 2000, 02:01 AM   #6
John Grey
Junior Member
Join Date: May 7, 2000
Location: Elgin, IL, USA
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I'm new here and hope I don't step on any toes, but.....Leaving your gun on the seat with a book over it??? What happens if u get into an accident, or have to make a panic stop? Or maybe it just gets shifted around and when the friendly neighborhood cops pulls you over, neither of you is going to be particularly pleased when he sees the butt of a gun sticking out from under a book on your passenger seat.
Having gotten that off of my chest, the only way to responsibly carry a weapon is to carry it on your person. I routinely carry in an IWB or strong side belt holster. And I have a Corvette. You should consider a good cross-draw or a shoulder rig. Avoid the so-called driving holsters. Bad Idea.
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Old May 8, 2000, 09:45 PM   #7
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Try this:

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Old May 12, 2000, 10:35 AM   #8
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I'm really pushing this today, but...

I have the Defender from http:\\ It's belly-band style and very comfortable. I usually carry it behind my right hip, but on long car rides, I just rotate the holster until the gun is up front.

I've heard of people locating the holster on their chest and leaving one button undone for access. That would work too, but I don't recommend cross-draw.
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Old May 12, 2000, 02:30 PM   #9
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Join Date: April 26, 2000
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What about a custom made seat belt? You could have the chest part be a bandolier and the lap part have a holster built in. The bandolier could have shell loops and or magazine pouches sewn in.

Like Pancho Villa.

Now THAT is driving carefully!
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Old May 14, 2000, 10:19 PM   #10
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Gunslinger and I distribute a concealment holster that will conceal any handgun even under a light weight shirt, they will hold any size handgun and it comes three different colors and it is only $28 if you would like more information e-mail me or gunslinger. We will ship it to you.

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