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im planning to set-up a Open Category Pistol for IPSC shooting, Anyone who has an idea regarding this 2 scopes?

Thanks in advance!

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Definatly the C-more. I have one on my open gun and love it. Take a look at what all the top shooters are using in IPSC, C-More. The only ones who are using anything different are the ones being paid to shoot something other than a C-More. A few years ago a GM shooter Mike Voight posted a note to the IPSC list talking about the same question. He does a good job of summing it up. I will paste it below, hope it is understandable.


WOW, I have to say that I have been quite amused over the past few days about the “scope wars”. It seems that quite a few people on this list are extremely proud of their scopes. Let’s take a look at why and how scopes are used in the IPSC/USPSA arena, and then I get to give my opinion.


The red dot has several advantages over “iron sights”. The ability to have the dot and the target in the same focal plane is a HUGE advantage over iron. (The eyes can only focus on at focal distance at a time.) The ability to see exactly what your hold looks like in real time is also a huge advantage. A misalignment of three THOUSANTHS of an inch in the sights on a 5” 1911 will move a bullet one inch at 50 yards (writing paper is normally .003 thick). There is no “alignment” on a scope. This also allows the shooter to use both eyes equally, and to look “around” the scope. The dot is BRIGHT RED and that in itself is one of the best colors for the brain to pick up in varying backgrounds. Fire engines, police lights, stop signs and stop lights are red for a reason. But I swear sometimes that red sign said “slow” instead of stop. Also remember that tracking the sights (dot) just BEFORE they come onto the target is the key to faster target aquisition and lower overall shooting times. The ability to quickly change dot sizes and shapes, I believe, is over-rated but it is available from several companies. The ability to experiment with different dot sizes on the practice range, to find what works best for YOU, is important though. Once the blasting starts, your attention will be on finding the targets and their center. The dot will follow your eye’s focal point IF the dot is bright enough, otherwise you will have to look for the dot and then the target and then the dot and then the target’s center and THEN pull the trigger. Sounds like iron sights and feels like forever.


All scopes are heavier than iron sights and the weight is in a non advantagous position. Some scopes have a very limited range of adjustment to zero the pistol. All scopes (on the market at this time) place the dot higher above the bore than iron sights. Some scopes have a parallax problem that results in the scope only being truly sighted in with the dot in the very center of the scope. Some scopes have a limited field of view which cuts down on your ability to transition between targets quickly. Most scopes are not bright enough. Bright sunny days and white poppers will “wash” out the dot on many brands. Here in the southwest the sun shines brightly alot :-) Some scopes also need to have a separate mount which adds cost and weight to the overall package.


Use a scope every time it is allowed!! But which one? If we zero in on USPSA scope use the decision is fairly easy to make and to show proof of performance. You should choose the combination that gives the best mix of the following (in MY approx. order of importance)
1. RELIABILITY (C-More, Aimpoint or Gilmore)
2. The brightest dot (C-More or Gilmore)
3. Lightest weight (C-More by far (Almost ½ the weight of a Holosight)
4. Largest field of view (C-More or Holosight) (Holosight has a grainy textured lens to look through)
5. Widest range of “zero” adjustment (C-More)
6. Changeable dot sizes (C-More, Holosight (different patterns also), a few
“tube” sights
(Redfield (also has different patterns available, Tasco, etc.)
7. Lowest mounting position (Aimpoint or most of the other 30mm “tube sights”
Most of the
“usual” sights are fairly similar, I tend to draw the line at 40+mm
scopes that are
mounted on top of weaver rails though.)
8. Negligable parallax (All the major companies seem to have this figured out now.)
9. Use what the majority of the “Pros” shoot. Even though some folks believe the “pros” only shoot a product if they are paid to ......... you can’t compete with inferior equipment!
(Aimpoint or C-More are the most popular with the “pros”.)
OK so now all we have left is the decision and then it’s “off to the range” with a new scope, confidence and a BIG bag of ammo.
My decision is the C-More hands down!! Out of my own 9 points above, C-More wins or ties in 8 of them!
When I was thinking about switching sights last year I called Merle Edington, Jaimie Craig, Todd Jarrett and several others to see what was WRONG with the C-More. I recieved only good reports, switched to the C-More and have been very happy with it ever since.
If you have to have a tube sight I have had good experiences with the Gilmore and the Aimpoint, but they are heavier, have less field of view and dot size is fixed. I am sure there are others but I only have long term (20,000+ rounds) good experience with these two.
I have fired over 40,000 rounds with one of my C-More sighted pistols, And approx. 20,000 through another. C-More sighted pistols won ALL the area matches last year and were definately top heavy on the remainder of the top finishers list. This is my opinion, as you can look at the results from any and all the major matches and see C-More’s on a high percentage the pistols.
Hope this helps clear up some of your questions and concerns
Michael Voigt

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