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Old August 14, 1999, 08:39 AM   #1
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What are your choices in a variable power scope for someone who can't afford a high end scope like Nikon or Lupold? Say for big game hunting 400-500 yards maximum.
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Old August 14, 1999, 12:40 PM   #2
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I'd look at Simmons, Weaver, Bushnell in no special order. Upper level Tasco, perhaps.
I've had decent performance from Bushnell on my .308 and .338.

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I've had nothing but problems with Simmons scopes. I can recommend the Bushnells and Tasco's. Don't know what your budget is but the Tasco World Class scopes can sometimes be had for around $85 from mail order houses. I own 2 Tasco 3-9X W.C.'s and am very happy with how they perform.

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Old August 15, 1999, 06:04 AM   #4
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Location: TN. USA
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Thanks for the info. I have an old Bushnell and am not very happy with it. The optics are not very clear and the adjustments are not accurate. It's a sportsview 4-12, about 11 years old.
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Old August 15, 1999, 11:20 AM   #5
Robert Foote
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Some things in your post strike me as red flags--'big game hunting at 4-500 yds maximum? Considering all the variables, who among us ought to be taking shots like that? I do a fair amount of long range high-power shooting and I would NOT take shots beyond 250-300 yds unless I was starving in the Brooks Range. Try it from field positions and field conditions and you'll agree. Variable scopes? A fixed power scope gets the job done just fine and is more durable and precise in graduations. Source of good scopes? Look for a good (used?) steel tube Weaver in a useful magnification--4 or 6 power depending on what you propose to do. They are fine scopes and will do all you need to do at a very reasonable price. If there are any Civilian Marksmanship Clinics sponsored by rifle clubs in your area I would suggest you attend one--the cost is reasonable and you'll learn more than you ever thought possible about what rifles (and their operators) will and won't do on demand. It's not quite as cut and dried as it sounds in the gun magazines!

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Old August 15, 1999, 01:00 PM   #6
Shutoku Shia
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Steve, I'd consider either a Redfield 3x9 or a demo version of B & L Elite 3000 3x9 40mm objective. I've compared B & L side-by-side with a Leupold Var-IIx 3x9, and the quality of the optics is very, very close. Demo model of Bausch Lomb Elite 3000 3x9-40mm is around $110 from S.W.F.A. Website adr is


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Old August 28, 1999, 01:20 PM   #7
Paul B.
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I would think very long and hard about buying a Redfield scope. I am not saying they are no good. it's just that the company is extinct. They went out of business several years ago. There is a special outfit in Florida that repairs them for $26.00, shipping and handling. I sent a 1 3/4 x 5 Wideview back for an internal lens that fell out of place, and It came back good as new. my only question is, how long will this outfit be around?
I don't like the cheaper Bushnell's either.
Tasco World Class scopes are pretty nice, if you get one that was made in Japan. They come from the Phillipines now, so I am a bit leary. The lower priced Tasco's seem to all be coming from China, and the ones I have looked at did not impress me.
All I buy now are Leupold. I've gone from fixed power scopes, to variables (3to9) to lower power variables (1 3/4 to 5) back to fixed power. (4X)
Guess I must be getting old.
As far as the high-end Austrian and German scopes? Not me. I'm not rich enough, and I'm not a gun magazine writer who gets them free. So much for that.
Paul B.
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Old August 28, 1999, 01:39 PM   #8
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I have a Leupold 3x9 w/ leu Dot cross hairs on an old Browning Safari 30-06. I was in WV last year on my Grandparents logging company and made a 375 yard shot at a deer. I got excited and climbing down to get it and dropped my rifle with the scope down and bent it to heck, "I was needless to say having a few choice words", well to the good part, I called Leupold and explained what had happened and wanted to see if it could be fixed well 16 days after I sent it to them, BAM a new Scope Arrived and a much better model that had replaced my old one. So if you are making a choice thats how they operate+ they are crystal clear w/ no fog. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR on SCOPES $263 and the quality will be seen long after the price is forgotten!

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Old August 29, 1999, 03:29 PM   #9
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Steve, I don't know about your situation so my advice might not be so good for you. However, hunting isn't a cheap sport for most people. Rifles, license fees,ammo vehicles, camping equipment and your time are all costly. In addition, the availability of game, the competition for that game, and the shortness of seasons all dictate that you make the best of whatever opportunity you have. Accordingly, I think it is false economy to skimp on a scope. Over a period of time the cost isn't of any consequence. I would save until I could buy a Leopold or similar quality scope. First class equipment is cheap insurance not to ruin a hunt. Iron sights beat a fogged scope. Luck. Jerry
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