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Old July 6, 2005, 11:13 AM   #1
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New to shooting, need help with accuracy

I went to the shooting range today, but whenever I shoot, I hit the target about 8-10 inches to the right. I have a 38 special stubnose, which I know isnt the best, but its a concieled carry weapon. I think that im pulling the gun to the right when I pull the trigger. what can I do to fix this problem? Thanks. I was aiming about 8 inches left of center mass and hitting it, but obviously this isnt the best method
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Sounds like you are moving the gun after you shoot. Try stiffing you elbow when you shoot and lots of dry fire practice will help keep that hand stready!

Try these...

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Assuming you are right handed...

Shooting to the right usually involves pulling the gun to the right with the trigger finger as you activate the trigger. Or, you can by pushing with your thumb.
The indicator for this problem is all the shots are rather close together vertically, but spread out further horizontally; a wide oval shape, possibly higher on the outside.
If the shots are all in a fairly circular group, you're doing the right thing and your sights need to be moved 8 - 10 inches to the left.

You might have someone who shoots better try the revolver and see where it prints for them.

You didn't say how far from the target you were shooting. If you're a beginning shooter, you should start close and work back. Start about seven yards (most places will let you put the target that close) and work on keeping all the shots centered. Then, work your way out farther.
Also, shoot slowly at first. You want to get the fundamental proceedures down before trying for speed.
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How much of your finger are you using on the trigger? If you have too much finger in there, it may pull your shots off to the right. Try to just use the first part of your finger - nothing past the first joint. And concentrate on a s-l-o-w trigger squeeze. You don't want to jerk the trigger at all.
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The neat thing about revolvers is that you can put one or two snap-caps in the cylinder. Load 4 shells and 2 caps, spin the cylinder and close your eyes. Close the crane with out looking and you have two of 6 that won't fire and you don't know which ones.

Keep your eyes on the sights. The pistol souldn't move when one of those snap-caps ends up under the hammer and you pull the trigger.


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Old July 6, 2005, 04:40 PM   #6
Dave R
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There's also a chance that the signs on your pistol are not adjusted (or manufactured) properly. Have another shooter shoot it, preferably from a bench rest, and see what they think.
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Old July 7, 2005, 12:22 AM   #7
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One thing that wasn't mentioned was make sure your pull is consistant. That can ansd will throw your shots off. As mentioned before, keep the first section of your finger on the trigger. Nothing past the first joint. Then pull slow, steady, and with consistant pressure.
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SA vs DA

All the above is good advice - bench rest, slow sqeeze, etc., but - if your gun permits, have you tried shooting single action (cock the hammer first - then sqeeze trigger) rather than double action (pulling trigger to cock hammer and fire)? Double action is more difficult to manage accuracy when you are learning shoot. If you can sqeeze off a shot with reasonable accuracy shooting single action, then you will have a better idea of what you need to do to correct your double action accuracy.
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Old July 7, 2005, 09:44 AM   #9
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Thanks to all who have responded. The gun is DAO, and has a concieled hammer, so single action wont work. I did some dry fire practice and I do in fact pull it to the right. I dont like dry firing, so Im going to get some snap caps this week. I hold the trigger right where my figer bends, I guess ill work on this as well. Just so you know, the gun is a S&W 642. Thanks again.
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