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Old March 18, 2005, 12:25 AM   #26
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I'll just say that my first time shooting, I rented some Ruger 9-shot .22 revolver.

I got some nice groups, too, thanks to lots of book reading.


I then rented a USP40, and bought a box of ammo. My first shot of .40 that day was my best shot.

I've since managed to work it down a bit, but since I'm a college student and a.) live in dorms, b.) don't own a gun, c.) am poor, and d.) don't have any place I consider safe enough to put one legally anyway, I have to rent and have only managed to put out about 200 rounds total in any caliber.


My advice:
-Stick to a small caliber if you want to try a semi. I should've gone to a 9mm, in hindsight, although I feel comfortable with a USP40 (and USP45, actually) so I haven't bothered to try out a 9mm yet.
-Muzzle downrange. Period. Revolvers, carry them with the cylinder out; pistols, carry them empty, slide locked, magazine in hand. People at the range might rib you for being a paranoid newbie, but whatever. It's standard policy at the range I've been to (Calibers, in Greensboro, NC).
-Try to fire at the end of an inhalation or exhalation.
-Don't blink when you fire.
-Racking slides is more fun than using the slide release.


Colonel Klink, are you the same Col.Klink I see on Red Orchestra all the time?
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Old March 21, 2005, 12:56 AM   #27
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Colonel Klink, are you the same Col.Klink I see on Red Orchestra all the time?
No, I'm not. I am active on Glock Talk and Cal Guns and that's it for now.
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Old April 25, 2005, 03:09 PM   #28
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sit and watch

i dunno how shooting ranges work in the states, but it cant be too different from South africa.
i think you should sit/stand and watch how the range works. watch what other people do and when. let the more experienced of your group go first so you can observe.
also listen for phrases spoken by the range officer, things like range open or range closed. here open means you dont shoot and can go examine your target or change it, closed means hearing protection on (you should get a warning for this) and firing can continue.

just watch and learn for 5 minutes it will help.
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Old April 25, 2005, 10:30 PM   #29
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Took a Line Operator/Women on Target class on Saturday. We now suggest trigger "pull". Your trigger finger should move independently of the rest of your hand not squeeze your hand with the finger moving. Get a grip, on the gun, as you would a firm handshake. Don't change your grip as you pull the trigger straight back. This prevents you pulling the sights off the target as you pull the trigger.
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Old April 26, 2005, 01:41 PM   #30
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Learn what to do in the event of a misfire and a hangfire. Especially if using a .22...
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Old April 26, 2005, 03:25 PM   #31
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Concealed Carrie

When you get to the range find the rangemaster or one of the range personnel. Tell them you are new and lack experience. They should be MORE THAN willing to help you, show you the range, advise what is and isn't good practice and form. They should be VERY helpful. If that is missing find another range. If you get to AZ I'd be happy to help.
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Old April 27, 2005, 01:08 PM   #32
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Everyone's got the shooting stuff covered, just one word about post shooting:

Wash your hands and face with COLD water and soap when you are done. It keeps the pores in your skin from absorbing the residue that builds up. (When you use warm water - your pores open up.)

Good luck and welcome to the world of the gun owners.
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Old April 27, 2005, 06:41 PM   #33
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Wear Proper Clothing!!!

My best friend's girlfriend wanted to go along with us so I said it was okay. She was showing a little cleavage and had a hot shell land there. Those shells are pretty darn hot and will burn you. Save the sexy attire for after the range.

I agree with most of the previous posts. Start off small (I guess you are going to use your .22) and build up. Another very important thing is having the proper shooting stance. I prefer modified weaver which is basically a staggered stance where your right leg (if you are shooting right handed) is further back than your left leg and they are about shoulder width apart. This make you a smaller target if you ever get in a situation where you are being shot at (I hope it never happens to any of us) and is also a very stable stance. It will also help you control recoil. Try to bend slightly forward at the waist to keep your weight forward. This will also help with recoil (the kick from the gun).

Also make sure you learn how to hold the gun properly. Those little guns will pinch you or cut your hand open if the hammer bites you or the slide catches you. Don't death grip the gun but get a good solid grip. Holding it too tight will tire you out quickly and make your hands unsteady.

One more thing. Don't worry about putting the target way back. Concentrate on getting small groups. As you get better, you can worry about shooting further away. The whole machismo show off thing usually isn't a problem with the ladies though.

Good luck and welcome to the sport.
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