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Old July 27, 1999, 08:29 PM   #26
Join Date: July 20, 1999
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I think I'd like to have the FN P-90. 50 rd mags, 48 layer kevlar penetration, and all that "ergonomically-goodness", makes me feel all tingly.
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Old July 28, 1999, 04:41 PM   #27
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Location: Denver
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OK i admit my full auto experience is limited to renting a MAC 10 at a gun range and shooting a USMC M16a2 on a tigerr cruise years ago.. i must offer these two opinions...

Man maybe I watched too Much Combat with Vic Morrow and Rick Jason.. but Cpl. Kirby's BAR sounded WAY cool. Ane the idea of shooting a full auto 30-06 at 400-500 yards with 172 grain MG bullets or 150 grain tracers just makes me drool. Last gun show I saw 3 BAR full autos ranging in price from 18000-25000 dollars depeding on manufacture. (They even had a colt NAVY model)

As far as modern guns go... the dimunutive Bizon SMG from Izmash. a 9mm Makarov smg with a 66 round helical magazine in a shortned AK based reciever.. tasty. (would probably deafen you with that ak74 style muzzlebreak)
But it looks cool.

Ahhhh well maybe someday...

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Old July 28, 1999, 09:17 PM   #28
David Schmidbauer
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Join Date: November 17, 2000
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I'll have to agree with Mykl...Selective-fire Amphibian.

Schmit, GySgt, USMC(Ret)
NRA Life, Lodge 1201-UOSSS
"Si vis Pacem Para Bellum"

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Old July 29, 1999, 05:49 PM   #29
Join Date: June 30, 1999
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Well folks I have shot more than my share of full auto. All have been fun to shoot, some have been just plain exciting. The GAU GE mini gun, was the most, shall I say PLEASURE took me awhile to settle down after that one. It is something to put 1800 rounds of tracer down range after dark, looks like molten metal flying through the air.
Well, you said one gun though, that would have to be the M14E2. That is one firearm that has earned its place in the heart of anyone who ever used it. It shoots well and accurate out to several hundred yards and can fire burst fire as needed. It takes a very well trained individual to fire it in sustained fire though.
By the way for those of you who are interested, I am told that there will be an M60 tank at the Knob Creek shoot this October. The private owner has a couple of real rounds to fire from the main tube as well as live small arms on board. I am looking forward to this show as I love armor, the bigger the better. BTW one of the rounds is a HEAT round I am told. I am bringing my video as well as my still cameras, and hope to see some of you there.
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Old July 29, 1999, 11:23 PM   #30
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Join Date: April 22, 1999
Location: Chandler, Arizona, USA
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Only one?! Then the only one would be the HK G-3. Unlike the M14E3, it doesn't take four months of training to become proficient with the G-3, and they use the same ammo.

May your lead always hit center mass and your brass always land in your range bag.

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Old August 4, 1999, 12:02 AM   #31
Senior Member
Join Date: August 2, 1999
Posts: 218
Make mine a G3 too!

How soon can I have one? :-)
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Old April 25, 2000, 04:32 AM   #32
Junior Member
Join Date: April 24, 2000
Location: Sheridan, Wyoming, USA
Posts: 1
Well for me it would have to be one of these
A.) MP5N /w suppressor
B.) M-4
C.) G3KA4
D.) Glock 18
E.) HK21E
F.) MP5K
G.) HK SMG 2
H.) SIG 552
I.) AKS-74U
the list goes on.

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Old April 25, 2000, 06:50 AM   #33
George Hill
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Join Date: October 14, 1998
Location: North Carolina
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Whoa - this is a real Blast From The Past thread!
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Old April 25, 2000, 07:32 PM   #34
Senior Member
Join Date: August 18, 1999
Posts: 1,023
HK G3 in the A2 full stock format.
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Old April 27, 2000, 07:26 PM   #35
Join Date: February 8, 2000
Posts: 96
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words....

(I know, it's not true a selective fire weapon; but hey who's counting????)


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Old April 28, 2000, 07:40 PM   #36
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Join Date: January 17, 2000
Location: Berne, Switzerland
Posts: 757
A Steyr AUG. Or, of course, an MP5. As last resort (despite the fact
I'm Swiss) A SIG 55x series. They're also fun.

And - silence them!
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Old April 28, 2000, 09:07 PM   #37
Join Date: April 8, 2000
Posts: 21
I have only One, it's a M3-A1 Grease Gun.

Life member NRA
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