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Obviously if he is using a knife, tire iron or similar weapon and refuses to comply the decision making process is simplified
I would say so, as simple as a double tap.

In this situation I would go with my gut, and wouldnt think the hell out of the situation. Seconds would be critical in a situation like this. I wouldnt call 911 first, I would focus on stopping the attack. If he was using a weapon I would fire. If he was using his hands, I would yell loudly for him to stop or I will fire. I would call 911 immediately if the BG flees, or I have gotten the woman to safety.

This is a park, and assuming it is secluded I wouldnt give the BG the benefit of the doubt of non lethal intentions. As someone else said this may be the woman's last few seconds of life. I would rather save hers, a life cannot be taken back. Charges can be dropped, trials can be appealed, there are many options legally. Her family will thank me that I did not think of myself.
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Personally, I do not think I could forgive myself if I let another human being pass away or get brutally attacked while I decided to do nothing, or be passive by just getting on my cell to 911.

Like everyone else, I would yell at the BG to stop, and ask the woman if she needs help, if so take appropriate action.

That may include a restraining kick to the head of the BG, or if he is armed, 2 rounds of 9mm into his head. (If he is still a threat to either her or myself after the verbal warning...)

In most rape cases, BG's are physical cowards. Unless they are coked up on drugs or similar. In fact I seem to remember an attempted kidnapping at a mall where NO ONE helped and the BG's got the woman. This was on TV a few months ago. Can't let that happen on my watch.
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Originally Posted by tokarevman
I did try to break up a guy smaking a girl in a parking lot at a biliards club here in town. He was a big sucker to, smaking the hell out of this cute young girl by his truck and she had some girl friends with her beging the guy to stop and on the phone to the cops. I was unarmed becaus i could not cary in the club and was scared if i went to my car to get my gun he would have killed her. So i yelled at him called him all sorts of names and then bam he clocked me good. I aint no sissy but this guy was a monster but hey i new it was coming i tried to block his punch but honastly it just knocked my arm into my head. Then i stagerd and ran back still yelling at him why the girls friends pulled her to safty. He went back over to his truck saying some carzy stuff about killing the girl and me so i did all i could i ran and jumped on the dude to not let him get to the girl or the truck, we scuffeld for what felt like an hour but it was more like 2 mins before the cops showed up. He went to jail i went to the hospital for stiches, the girl had a broken jaw, nose, and eye socket. I would gladly take unther chance like that to save a inocent womens life from a crazy SOB like that guy again.
First of all, I'm glad everything turned out alright. That was pretty brave of you dude but I'm not sure it was the best way to go. I would have grabbed the gun first and then ordered him to stop. If he was armed, he might have killed you and the girl.

The first thing is to yell for someone to call 911. You want to make sure the backup is on the way so they won't be taking away 2 bodies. I always carry a pocket knife and I would have been holding it discreetly without opening it. It is a Benchmade 710 by McHenry and WIlliams . The knife can be used as a kuboton for "non-lethal" defense or quickly opened with one hand for more drastic measures.

Before people chime in with the don't bring a knife to a gun fight bit, drawing a gun should only be done when you intend to use it. I'm not saying you should always use it when you draw either but that guy was pissed off and probably would not have the sense to back off.

My suggestion is to always carry non-lethal defense such as a taser or mace. You have a lot less of a chance of getting prosecuted for killing someone by using non-lethal weapons.

Just wanted to say great job again and be careful. That guy could have killed you if the cops didn't show up. One other thing, it is not cowardly to kick the crap out of him in the groin in this situation. It is amazing how many confrontations can be resolved that way.
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Bad Boyfriends

One night two years ago I was up late on the computer when I heard screaming & crying next door. I went outside & saw my neighbor arguing with her boyfriend. I couldn't be sure he'd been beating her, but it had sure sounded like it. I loudly asked "Are you okay?"

He said yes & she said no, crying. (Why do women tolerate men who beat them?) So tough guy heads towards me, tripping & stumbling in a heap before me, the drunken fool. He's talking smack & taking swings at me, but can't land anything on me. I kept telling him, "We're not going to fight," but he's totally determined. At some point I'd had enough of being pushed backwards by this lummox, (about my height, but heavier & much less intelligent,) so I took off my jacket & put up my dukes.

So now this coward (as is any man who beats on a woman) runs back & grabs a 2x4. Never having trained against a club-wielding attacker, I retreated back into my house, locked the door & called the cops. Yep, dude, just like your girlfriend was trying to communicate to you, you're going *back* to jail. See ya.
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there was quite a problem a few summers ago with guys trying to rape female joggers/mountain bikers on a trail that runs from along the outskirts of anchorage to about the middle of the city.
none of those particular attacks were successful, and i gotta wonder why a rapist would target a woman thats obviously in good physical condition and more than capable of fending off an attack, but who cares?

know what the solution decided upon was? since APD didnt/doesnt have the manpower to effectively patrol the bike trails (having maybe 4-8 bike cops on hand at any given time during the summer) they came up with a volunteer community patrol, armed with whistles, radios, and cell phones. oh yeah, and bright orange vests.

know what one writer to the editor of the paper said? that it was the womens fault for wearing 'athletic clothing'. so i fired off a rebuttal letter urging users of the bike trail to start open carrying.

what would i do? i dunno. maybe run towards the scene screaming 'I'm John Wayne, ****** ********!!!"
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A number of years back, I ran across the street from my house, and intervened in a fairly violent altercation between a man and a woman. They had been going down the street, the woman ahead. The man was running up behind her, and when he reached her, he grabbed her by the hair, threw her down, and began to beat and kick her.
After making it across the street, and confronting him, I held him at gunpoint, while my wife called the police. When they got there, it turned out to be a domestic thing. I got in a wee bit of trouble for pulling a gun, but as I told the officer, it was the only thing that stopped the guy from beating the crap out of her. The guy was arrested, I was given some measure of grief for 'brandishing'. and the woman was taken away by an ambulance. I have no idea of the eventual outcome.
It did pretty much reinforce my dislike of cops though.
Would I do it again? Darn tooting.
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I would treat intervention in a rape as I would an attempted murder. But one can not generalize on a course of action since what is warranted and necessary in one set of circumstances might be the wrong approach in another. Having dealt with domestic disturbances on the professional level I can only repeat the cautionary remarks of others here, where the subject persons might have a relationship with one another.
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Don Gwinn
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The link is the story, posted almost three years ago now, of the day my sister was almost abducted in broad daylight on a busy street in Springfield, IL.

The short version is that she was being carried to a car by her abductor when a man came out of the gas station and saw what was going on. He ran over and punched the abductor, which made him drop my sister, who escaped. We never found out who he was, but it wasn't for lack of trying. I always wished I could have shaken that man's hand.

Yes, if I can get a good idea that the victim is not going to try to kill me, I will wade in. This incident taught me that all the legal quandaries are greatly simplified when a woman is actually being beaten, raped, or killed right in front of you.
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