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RCBS dies?

I've noticed after resizing, that only about 75% of the neck is resized. Or thats what it looks like if you hold it up to the light the right way. It looks like its swelled out next to the bottle neck. BTW, this is a .270. Is this normal?
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It Is Normal When You Do Not Set The Full Length Sizing Die,

Down to touch the case shoulder.
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The only two adjustments that I have is the position of the die in the press and how far the decapping pin sticks down. The bottom of the die is almost touching the shell holder (by just a hair). The decapping pin sticks down about a quarter of an inch. What else is there to do?
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If you are partial full length resizing (PFLR), then 75% of the case neck is not unusual. If you would prefer to full length resize and size the neck all the way down: Run the ram to full up position. Screw the die down until it contacts the ram. Bring the ram down and screw the die down another 1/4 turn. When you run the ram up the linkage will "cam over" (ker-thunk). That is as far as we can get the case into the die. Generally, PFLR will produce a more accurate load.

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RCBS dies

I E-Mailed RCBS on December 12, 2004 and received the following response on December 15, 2004.

From an old #8 Speer Reloading Manual. You and other equipment manufacturers sell special NECK SIZING dies. Does this still apply to your equipment?

Neck Sizing is the term applied to the process of sizing only the neck of a case, with a special die which doesn’t touch the shoulder or body of the case. Neck sizing does eliminate excessive working of the case shoulder and body but, also, may size the neck off-center and leave the body of the case too large to chamber. A better way to reduce excessive working of the case body and shoulder metal is to use a full length sizing die but, use it so it only sizes partially. To do this, the full length sizing die is backed out of the tool so that the shoulder is not touched by the die. This preserves the important head and shoulder dimension and still sizes the neck normally. The body of the case centers the neck in the die and is sized enough to make chambering fairly easy in a bolt action.
Back the die off at least 1/16th of an inch [About one complete turn.]
Many shooters adjust their dies so that only half of the neck is sized. This leaves enough tension to hold the bullet securely for target or varment shooting

The RCBS “Ask the Expert Forum’s response was:
Yes, the necksizers only size the neck of the cases. And yes, there can be run-out after necksizing as there is nothing to support the base of the case - it just sizes the neck. AS FOR PARTIAL SIZING -- Many of our customers choose to do this - but, it is trial and error and sometimes the chamber v.s. die fit does not allow the reloader to partial size - they will not chamber afterwards.
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Thanks for the info guys!
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For full length sizing....set the die to touch the shell holder, and then go down another 1/8 to 1/4 turn so that the press will cam over center.

To neck size only..start off with the same steps except back the die off about 1/8 turn as a starting point. You will then have to tweak the settings depending on your chambering. With a couple of my rifles I actually have to just bump the shoulder about .020 in order to get the cartridge to chamber. Just remember if you neck size probably won't be able to use that particular cartridge in another firearm of the same caliber due to it being fire formed for the chamber that it was fired from.
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