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Old February 24, 2005, 12:54 AM   #1
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getting into CAS...

I've been reading a lot about CAS lately and I'm really getting interested in it...

How would you guys recommend a new enthusiast to get involved in this? I wish I could ask a more specific question, but I really don't know enough to ask any more specifically... I've just been looking at SA revolvers lately and getting interested in CAS.
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Old February 24, 2005, 08:59 AM   #2
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First off, go to a match. Watch and ask questions. You don't have to shoot if you don't want to. See if it's what you want to do. See what equipment folks are using. Don't worry about the clothing etc.
There are different sanctionging groups out there that represent CAS shooting. They vary in how authentic they are. SASS ( is by far the big guy on the block. They have a club locator if you don't know of any clubs nearby.
If you decide that it's for you, go shoot a match. Just let the match director know that it's your first match. Most likely there will be several folks who will offer to squad up with you to lend you whatever you need. My first match I didn't have a shotgun. I had half a dozen people offer me one of theirs for the match. I wore jeans, snap button western shirt, work boots and one of my cowboy hats. Where I shoot now, we're not too concerned on how a new shooter dresses. We've had a couple of new shooters show up in jeans, t-shirt and ball cap. We don't mind that on their first shoot but let them know that's not really correct. If they want to shoot the next month, at least ditch the ballcap and t-shirt. The X-Marts and farm and home supply stores all sell cheap hats and western style shirts. We've also got several shooters that bring along extra guns (or sets of guns) just in case a new shooter wants to try it out and has no firearms.
Make no mistake, it can get expensive to play the game if you let it. CAS shooting usually requires two single action handguns, a main match rifle and a shotgun.
The shotgun can be a visible hammer shotgun, a hammerless (but no ejectors) shotgun, a lever action shotgun or a pump shotgun with a visible hammer (1897 etc). Most folks here shoot hammerless doubles (least expensive) or 1897s though we have a couple of shooters that use 1887s or hammer doubles.
For the rifle, the majority shoot Marlin or Winchester, though Rossi is well represented also. There's also one shooter that uses a replica of a Colt revolving carbine (just for fun, gets his butt whipped on reloads ). Also most shooters use the same caliber as their handguns. Decreases the logistical nightmare.
Handguns run the gamut of what's out there, as long as it is within the rules of caliber and velocity.
After you have your main match guns, there are the side match guns. These are optional in that they are not required for the main matches. They include the long range rifle, derringer and/or pocket pistol.
So as I said earlier, it can become as expensive as you want. If you find that you like it, don't worry about getting everything at once. Just go shooting to have a good time and gradually build up your equipment.
And once you have your firearms down pat, the rest is another whole ballgame. We've got shooters who have two and three complete sets of firearms so they don't shoot the same guns month after month. Some of our shooters even have half a dozen outfits so they never come dressed the same during the year! Most everyone still has only one guncart, though two shooters that I know of have two (they are motorized).
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Old February 24, 2005, 09:21 AM   #3
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Thanks a lot for the reply. Sounds like an awesome community to get into. I found a gun club that has a CAS club a few miles down the road, I'm going to go check out a match first chance I get.

I was looking at the Uberti 1873... is this a quality gun to start with? I can't afford to drop a lot of money at one time, but I also don't wanna spend money on a gun that isn't going to last... I've never heard anything about Uberti before, and I'm new to the whole revolver scene.

Also, I've started getting my brother interested in it as well... we could buy a set of guns between the two of us to start and share them at a match, correct?

Thanks again for the help.
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Old February 26, 2005, 12:08 PM   #4
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I decided to get into CAS about five years ago, but due to a teeny legal problem that developed from a divorce from hell at the same time, I shot in only a single match before The Man decided I couldn't be in posession of firearms for the next three years. Last year, I got into it again and have been having a BALL! For rifles, I've been using model 92's, but I bought a Uberti '66 Yellow Boy in .45 Colt (very similar to the '73), and it's been a great rifle so far.

As for sharing a set of guns with your brother, no problem, as long as you have the organizers of the match put you both on the same posse. It would be a bit problematic if he were shooting with a different group three stages away from you!

The Uberti '73 would be a great lever gun to start with, Vaqueros and Blackhawks rule the roost in sixguns, and something like a Baikal hammerless coach gun makes for a good, but inexpensive, shottie. I picked one up brand new for $229, and also use a Rossi hammer gun from time to time. It's a little slower, but more "authentic" in my opinion. Use Winchester AA's or Remington STS's, and you'll be just fine.

Costumes can be simple and inexpensive, or as extravagant as you'd like to make them. Creative and whimsical works too, there's a shooter in Bismarck, ND that sometimes shows up in nothing more than a red union suit, boots, and a hat! HERE HE IS
Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets replaced...

SASS 47015
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Old February 27, 2005, 11:49 AM   #5
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If you think you might be interested GO TO A MATCH

I have been shooting guns of one type or another for over 30 years and 7 years ago a friend talked me into to going to an SAS of America, one of the smartest and most fun things I have ever gotten into.
You can be serious or just have fun, we have several people in our group that have as much money in cloths as guns.
2 years ago we had a couple that came to our show in a chuck wagon with horses and set up an 1880's kitchen and served food. "COOL"
In my years of shooting I can say this, people you meet at a range are the best people in the world, but those dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls are the best of the best.
I shoot precussion rep colt, lever action rifle and a double shotgun. There is nothing more fun than shooting a cap and ball black powder inside. We had one shoot several years ago that one of the sets was inside, they made me wait and shoot last.
The shoot was in a bar like sene, indoors range, (Water no wiskey) there was a shot glas and a bottle, you had one gun on the bar and one in the hoslter.
You pored a drink took it, shot your gun 5 times, took another drink and shot 5 times again.
They were making fun of me before I shot, since I wouldnt be able to see after the second round. I asked the range officer if I could moove. he said as long as I stayed facing the target and stood close to the bar no problem.
I took the drink and then shot, took two steps right shot, two the shot. That way I could see between rounds.
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I'm hopiong to get into this soon.
I have 3 SAs but all in different calibers, 2 BP revolvers in .44 and 2 acceptable shotguns
All I need is a .45 lever gun and a 5 1/2" Peacemaker clone and a pair of period appropriate britches
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