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Does my handgun technique sound right?

OK, I will admit that I've never had a shooting lesson in my life, and have only been shooting for a couple months now, but I HAVE read a lot on the subject on the internet. Naturally I realize that only so much can be gleaned by reading alone, but let me describe to you how I shoot.

I use the Weaver stance and do a strong-arm-push, weak-arm-pull while aiming the gun (recently acquired 9mm and .45ACP). I grip the gun almost as tightly as I can - no shaking -, and take a normal breath and hold it while sloooowly squeezing the trigger. My eye is on the front sight, with the target being slightly out of focus in the distance. I have turned my back while a friend chooses whether or not to put a cartridge in the gun. I figured that by doing this I could tell whether or not I am flinching on the pulls that do not have a cartridge chambered. There is no flinching, just a click. Actually, I surprised myself a LOT when I first started shooting handguns a few months ago. At 50ft, I was hitting the paper on all my shots with the 9mm and have gotten better since then. I'm now getting 6 - 7 inch groups with the .45 at 50ft.

The thing is that my arms are getting very tired at the end of the shooting sessions - 50 rounds or so. Am I doing the push-pull thing too hard? I am in good physical shape....exercising 3X a week, but I'm wondering if you all get fatigued as well. Sorry such a loooong post. Thanks.

If there's anything else you can add to help my technique, it'd be appreciated. Are there any links you can provide that go through step-by-step? I just got the information a little here and a little there.
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I recall my first day of basic training. The drill sergeants made us stand with our arms outstretched holding our canteens for five minutes. Canteens are about two pounds when full. There wasn't one person there who wasn't in agony after minute #4. Holding two to three pounds of handgun out away from your body for extended periods is going to wear on you after awhile. I would suggest some shoulder exercises to make it less exhausting.
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Thanks for the advice, and if you're currently in Baghdad, know that you are being appreciated back here at home. God be with you during the elections process this weekend.
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