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Old October 18, 2004, 09:55 AM   #26
Marty Hayes
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There are two places where one quick peek might make sense, and doesn't allow the BG to move. One is in a closet, where there is no place to move to anyway. The other place is in a blind corner in a room, where you want to enter, but cannot pie the corner. In this situation, a peek will let you know if someone is in the corner, and and if he then moves from that blind corner due to your peek, you will see him because he will be moving from the blind corner to the area you can see from outside the area.

Whether this is good or bad depends on your mission, of course. A SWAT team, or military operation may need to go in anyway, in which time a quick peek may be counter productive. An armed citizen searching his house because he thought something was suspicious might find the quick peek under these limited situations worthwhile.
Marty Hayes, President
The Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network, LLC.
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Old October 18, 2004, 02:34 PM   #27
Pat Rogers
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I'm not sure if you ever read the article in question.
In the event, i listed one very experienced class of shooters that quick peeked everything. We did a Sims run where i placed a BG role player in a blind corner.
10 of the 13 quick peeked. Once they saw the BG, they backed up away from the corner. All 10 then received a full mag of MP5 Sims (this was a carbine class, they had long guns too) while they were standing around with their thumb inserted into their waste ejection port.
Three pied, with their gun up, and all 3 delivered solid hits on the BG before he could react.
Granted, this is one class. However, i have seen this repeated, by cops, military not involved in DA, and in civilian classes over a lot of years.
I will also rely on my own experience having walked around this particular block once.
Jeff has coached for me several times at Gunsite. We have set up Sims scenarios regularly to see how untrained people react. I didn't write that article because i had nothing better to do on that particular day, but rather that i was tired of seeing people attending these classes who were practicing dying on a regular basis.

I am comfortable in my statements and TTP's.

Giving up space is not good. Doing nothing is not good.

Pat sends
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Jeff Gonzales
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I don't think you are going to get me to see the submissive positon the peek generates in an advantegeous setting. If you must clear past certain obstacles such as small rooms or hard corners then do so from a point of dominance using the Press Out technique or other suitable technique. It works and makes the peek pretty much useless.

It doesn't matter what the mission or whose name is on the check you recieve. Everyone bleeds the same color, so the point is to avoid excessive spillage of your own don't employ the peek when other techniques are superior and easier. Then again, it is your choice.

Jeff Gonzales
Director of Training
Trident Concepts, LLC.
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