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Good load for 180 gr 40 S&W

I have excelent results in the expansion dept. with 155 gr JHPs, but the 180s aren't expanding. I tested the two rounds on 2 liter bottles filled with water.

155 JHP, 9.2 gr BlueDot, WSP primer, various brass
180 JHP, 7.5 gr BlueDot, WSP primer, various brass (starting load)

I'm a bit concerned about bumping up the powder weight in the 180 grain load- I'm shooting a Glock22.

Anyone have experience with the 180 gr in 40S&W
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I have had pretty good results with universal clays in the 40 with 180gr bullets at standard length. When I loaded for my glock, it worked pretty well, and didn't have any obvious pressure problems. There can be many causes of your expansion probs. What velocity are you getting? Most are designed around a 950fps velocity. If you are near this, then I would question the medium you are using. Most 180s are designed for the FBI specs, which seem to favor penetration over expansion in many respects, and the 155s the opposite.
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You didn't tell us what brand of bullets you are using. In my experiences, bullet brand and style makes a big difference.

Go to ammo lab for more information, even though they are not publishing the 40S&W data yet.

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40 S&W is not the 10mm.

Try AA5, Power Pistol, N350, 3N37..........
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Old October 6, 2002, 01:16 PM   #5
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Here's some calculated loads
Attached Files
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john kilgore
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Try BlueDot. It gives about the highest velocities with the .40 S&W. Also try Unique- the new "clean burn" version. Some of my aquaintances in the early '90's used the Blue Dot with good success. My brother reports that he is having real good success with the "new" unique in a Beretta. I recently tried some Hodgdons "LongShot" but found that velocity was way-way below what they claimed in their data. I tried the listed minimum up to listed max with a 180hp, and max only gave about 920fps, from a barrel 5/8" longer than the 4" listed. The max load velocity was supposed to be over 1100fps. But on the other hand, pressures appeared to be "low" too.

With a 180gr. .40cal bullet, expansion has been "iffy" in my experience. Have heard many reports of Winchester Ranger "Talon" competely passing through 250lb. pigs, particlualy from the Shorty Glocks. (side pass-thru shots). Can't speak for bullet expansion as none have been recovered, but suspect that it isn't much. Most pigs also have expired instantly or shortly, so I haven't heard complaints either !! (These are "feral" pigs being shot on WMA's due to damage to wildlife food plots- hence "control work")

All my "work" loading for the .40 was for best accuracy while maintaining adequate recoil/power for reliable functioning. I found Winchester "Superfield" to be best.
I use most any jacketed/plated hollow point on top of 5.5gr of WSF, seated to 1.125"oal. Remngtons give about as good accuracy as anything, but I was shooting them through Glocks, which wasn't the best test for accruacy. They would shoot 3-3.5" at 25yds and velocity was about 875fps. A max load will give about 1050, but is quite a handfull, and accuracy falls off above 950 anyhow.
I've had best all around performance with 155's, and use 6.3gr of SuperField for about 1050fps and 2.5-3" accuracy with same Glock.
Be very cautious with warm .40's in Glocks or other similar barrel designs as I've had loads that were below published max blow cases out. This is as much as the case design as it is the unsupported barrel section. The .40 case has a very short web section ahead of the extracter groove. Be particularily cautious with "Starline" brass as all but one of my "blow outs" have been with that. The other was with Rem. brass. Starline is great brass but seems to be "softer" and "thicker" than most others. Remington seems to be "thinnest", but gives me best accuracy. Overall though I prefer Winchester and Federal cases as I've never had a bad experience with them in the .40.

I don't load much for the .40 anymore. I get all the Rem-UMC or Fed. American Eagle I want/need at work. (Whichever is on contract at the time). Also all Ranger "Talon" I need, usually end up trading it out at end of year when annual replacement is issued.
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