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I am planning to get a Mossberg Maverick 12 gauge, 20 inch, 8 shot shotgun strictly for home defense use. Now, I suppose once the BG heard me racking my first shot, they would turn tail and end of story. That being said, what would you load your shot gun with? I've always heard the cliché of 3 inch 00 Buck. But really, is 3 inch magnum really needed for close up SD shooting in your home? I've read that 2-3/4 high brass is more than plenty for HD and less shock to the shooter. And I have heard a lot of folks say they would load up with slugs. That would stop a BG dead in his tracks for sure. But would it go through a wall and into my neighbors house if I miss my target? So, I'm curious as to what YOU would choose for a home SD load? Thanks
No, 3" is not necessary, WAY too much for indoor use. I leave mine hammer down on an empty chamber. Since my 9mm is my first line, racking the gun is not an issue for me. But do not believe that Hollywood/Internet crap about racking the slide and all the BGs dive out the window.
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