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Sounds like I can add another reason to the list of why I shouldn't buy a Bushnell. I agree with you that it is possible, actually I will go with very likely that the 2 lines are run separately. And that they probably are made to different standards. Which one is better? Without further investigation we may never know. With that I will wait to see what others say in a hope that my knowledge will be increased.
I have read many of your posts in the past and I respect your knowledge. I was acknowledging the possibility that it COULD be similar quality, not that it was absolutely. It stands to reason that it is less expensive to use the same machines and materials, the same design criteria and similar standards, with the same people trained to do the work. Though that may not always be the case, this is what I have been taught in my industry. I hope I did not offend you, if I did I apologize.
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