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Just because something is made in the same factory does not mean they use the same quality of materials, have the same qualified/trained workers make their product, use the same machines/processing line or use the same manufacturing techniques. IMO, being made is the same factory means little to nothing. What does a factory do with product that does not meet the standards of Company A? Do these items become possible product for Company B? Having quality parts, quality designed/engineered product, assembled by quality/trained people with a realistic time to do a good job, and a quality manufacturing/assembling process are key.

I had a professor in college who worked in a vegetable canning plant for a time, and they canned vegetables for several different companies. One company (a private label of a supermarket chain) was the pickiest company regarding quality and sanitary conditions. If I understood correctly, this supermarket chain actually had at least one member of their company present on the plant floor at all times when they were doing a run for that company. They hated having a run for that supermarket company because of the quality standards they had to achieve for the product to be accepted.
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