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Jcoiii Good movie. Good quote.

Yeah amazing what some one will do for money and honor. In which order I am not sure, in the movie it was hazy. But after he got kicked and beat it was plain as day. One of my favorite movies.

I think you are getting the idea though. The guy should have been armed but since he was responsible who cares. He got his reward for his actions.

Kicking doors not knowing whats on the other side is scary but someone has to do it. Might as well be for a good cause as not.

I have kicked a few myself, oh the good old days, when I was younger and not so concerned with right or wrong just doing a job.
Follow your leader. I am glad that we have held ourselves to a higher standard these last 25 years. Obligation to help I think so.

We were on the fence for awhile till we got our bell rung in WW11 but we responded in proper order. Would we be able to do that again?

We were naive to think we could do it and we did. Great men came to the forefront then and hopefully they still will. Civilians were/are held in contempt by the Men in the fighting forces. At least that is what my DI always said.

Men who put their lives on the line everyday, and others who are afraid to.

I was reading today about the Great men who wrote and made sure the Constitution is what it is today. Now we are chipping away at our freedoms.

Pretty Sad.

Patrick Henry was known for some good stuff, but he wanted everyone to be of the same religion. Now that was not good. How come religion always comes into the picture and the ones saying it is not the problem are the ones who know it is. Hypocritical comes to mind. Some people just don't get it.

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