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I agree that as a Father my first responsibility is to teach and guide my childeren. How can I instruct them in the values and ideals I hold dear if I fail to follow them?

Your question is somewhat pointless, you never know the odds. I've kicked in doors in Iraq where I fully expected to be met with an AK on the other side. I once crawled into a burning car to help free the driver. I certainly don't plan to change.

There are a lot of discussions where opposing parties can agree to disagree. For me this isn't one of those. Your arguments ring hollow... frankly, you seem to be hiding behind the wife and children. It's supposed to be the other way around.

But I suspect their lives would become something far different than if you had remained there to raise and guide and counsel and protect them, which is a Father's very first responsibility in the world. Any man who believes that his first responsibility is to something other than his wife and the children that they brought into this workd, is missing something about responsibility.
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