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"...a 16" barrel..." Far too much velocity loss. A 16" AR isn't exactly a suitable hunting rifle either.
Highly unlikely you'll ever be fast enough to recognise the threat, get the rifle off your shoulder, aim and fire accurately anyway. Moreso, if Yogi is PO'd and in coming from less than 100 yards. He can cover 100 yards in under 5 seconds. And even a head shot does not guarantee a one shot kill. Nothing with stop anything in it's tracks either.
If you're hunting in Alaska in August, you've got more to worry about than Yogi. Black flies and mosquitoes are almost as big a they are in Ontario. If they don't bleed you dry on the spot they'll carry you off for later. snicker.
"...been issuing 303's for decades..." That's 'The Canadian Rangers'. Military.
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