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Best .308 round for bear defense?

Hey guys, I'm heading to Alaska this summer and looking to hunt caribou. I'm really considering the Daniel Defense DD5V1 as my gun of choice which is a AR-10 style rifle with a 16" barrel (my 2nd would be the DD5V2 which is a 18" version of the same gun but I wanted 16" since it's has a bit more versatility) and since this comes in .308 I'll be on the lower end of the spectrum for bear defense. What .308 bullet would be the best for protection from a bear? I'm hearing a .308 168gr ttsx Asym or Black Hills would be a good choice, but is this the best one? I wanna make sure I can penetrate the skull of a big bear if I'm unlucky enough to be charged by one and since my barrel will be short I wanna make sure I have the best bullet to penetrate this large animal and deal as much damage as possible.

Later down the line I'll be buying a dedicated hunting rifle in a nice large caliber. For now since this is my 1st rifle, I wanna have something that can fill a multi-purpose role which is why I went with this as my choice before this ever begins to turn into a gun debate. Thanks for your time and responses everyone.
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