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I started hunting at 15 with a Winchester 94, so everything I shot at for 4 years was with that rifle. My next step was a Spanish Mauser in 7X57, and I hunted plenty with that for the next few years. I shot deer and hogs out to about 150-ish yds, coyotes and jack rabbits out to 200-ish yds. The limiting factor with a 94 and a 1916 Spanish Mauser are the sights and how important it is to place your shot well, you can't see where your shot is going to hit past 150 yds because the sights cover the whole animal. At that point you are just aiming at the whole animal, and you can hit it just about anywhere. When I got a scoped rifle things changed, but iron sights pretty much limits most shooters to 100-150 yds.
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