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Sort of depends on what its stuck on. The barrel nut applies direct load to the barrel extension flange,clamping the flange to the face of the upper,. If the "stuction" resistance is between the barrel nut and the barrel extension flange,then the action bar is the strongest /safest bet. I would not worry about breaking off the steel locking lugs of the barrel extension.

Its a little different if the "stuction" is between the barrel nut and the upper receiver threads (that are SUPPOSED to be coated in moly grease...not loctite). If its thread on thread friction, or LocTite, the upper receiver jaw may be best.

Except if you are heating enough for a hi-temp locTite, A plastic clam on the upper may soften/melt . If that clam is made of nylon, most nylons are injected at under 500 deg f. Loctite grades vary. The hi-temp ones hold at over 400 deg f. I have no idea what grade could be there. If it went together dry,galling is a possibility. Steel galled to aluminum can be very stuck.

Too many unknowns to give a good answer. I'm confident the action bar engaging the locking lug recesses in the heat treated high strength steel of the barrel extension is very strong. If there is a weak link,its probably the notch in the upper where the index pin is.
Before you start...scribe a small witness mark between the barrel and barrel extension in case you manage to unscrew the barrel extension from the barrel.
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