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ar15 locking lug strength?

Talking to a fried that had a stuck barrel nut. he has an action rod that engages the lugs in the barrel. However he was looking at getting an upper action vise.

My thinking was an action rod would be a lot stronger way to hold the barrel/receiver than an action vise as the lugs on the barrel would be a lot stronger than the receiver itself.

his concern was snapping or bending a lug.

how much force can the lugs take? I tried estimating by using the psi, rating it at half due to using the width vs the length, but the online calculators were showing over 3 million ft-lb when converted from psi... that cant be right. I feel like I am missing something.

the other consideration is the pin that keeps the barrel from rotating in the receiver. since you are basically torquing against that pin in the receiver. to get the barrel nut loose.

on a side note, he thinks the nut may have been lock-tited, which can be addressed with heat as I understand it.
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