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I only have one NFA weapon. Here it is.

I started posting it around the boards yesterday. I was going to post here but I'm too new to post in for sale. So if anyone wants to buy it or trade some 1911's, XD's, Sigs, or whatever - let me know. Here are the pics and info. I'm looking for $3500 for all of it.

It's absolutely perfect - and runs like a top. Never a jam. or malfunction of any kind. Comes with 14 mags. I have used 2 of the magazines - the other 12 are brand new. They are all Cobray marked zytel mags with the exception of 4 South African metal mags. 3 of those are still in the plastic.

I bought this in 04 from a good friend who had 10 of them new in boxes. This one was brand new - I installed a buffer before ever firing it and have had it out twice in all the years I've owned it. It's had maybe 300-400 rounds down the tube.

I ditched the cardboard box a long time ago - and the silly front strap. It has a front grip (q-grip) that I never installed. It also comes in an aluminum case with the foam cut for it and several mags. I have the original cleaning rod and also I dug up the goofy mag loader in case someone wants it. Little rust on the mag loader it was just lying out in my shop.

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