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did you clean the underside of the receiver and follower spring and magazine follower to make sure those are not also covered in cosmoline? cosmo can gum up and impede even minor functions in rifle design.

also there is no real wrong way to load a springfield stripper clip as it is a non rimmed cartridge. rimmed cartridges have a special way of having to be loaded into strippers but not 30-06.

what direction are you pointing the muzzle when loading front strippers? I haven't seen this with springfields though I have seen it with other mauser derived designs but if you point the muzzle down while loading from strippers as the rounds strip from the clip they want to follow gravity and slowly slide forward as they ride down the magazine. try holding the rifle fairly level with the muzzle slightly elevated.

if those don't fixe the problem perhaps it is an issue with the ejector not liking having to jack out unspent cartridges? normal function may act differently.
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