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The United States
Prove it

Visa Overstays account for 44% by the most recent count, but that is only the number that can be confirmed, with many more unconfirmed
The data you are referring to is NOT 'confirmed', it is only an estimate, and a very generous estimate at that

likely putting this number over 50%.
Funny how you keep moving the bar.

Also understand also that large numbers of otherwise temporary illegal aliens get "trapped" with an increase in physical barriers, further inflating the number of illegals who would not otherwise be in the US.
So wait a minute.....
You assert that physically barriers are essentially useless at keeping people out....
Then go on to assert that they 'trap' people in.......?


I can tell you've never set foot on or even near our southern border.

This has been widely studied and you can research yourself, since it is outside the scope of a firearms discussion.
You brought is into the scope, so please provide one of these 'studies'.

I am specifically reffing to the "30' concrete wall" certain politicians have touted.
Which also included budget for everything I stated, stop being so obtuse.

Walls only work with constant surveillance.
a) False
b) The 'wall' as you keep referring to it also includes multiple levels of electronic surveillance.

Without constant surveillance, a wall is next to useless.
a) False
b) The 'wall' as you keep referring to it also includes multiple levels of electronic surveillance.

You keep feigning ignorance on this aspect but doing so only keeps digging yourself deeper.

Critical thinking includes looking at history (even recent history).
You keep saying 'walls don't work', yet those on the border prove they do, and you ignore them.

I clearly understand the term, and have alluded to it multiple times above.
Clearly you do not.
Your alluding has been in terms of 'Trump wall bad because it doesn't have surveillance'.
Even though it has included such since day one.
You painted yourself into a corner.

There are other force multipliers outside of physical barriers (especially on the scale we are speaking of) as well
Do you mean the electronic ones that have been included in 'the wall' since day one?
You know, the ones you keep pretending don't exist?

and ones that are potentially much more effective.
Such as....?

Physical barriers are of course not wholly ineffective when paired with force multipliers like surveillance and human intelligence, they just have to be employed in an intelligent and measured manner.
Do you mean the manner as proposed by those on the border that have all been included in 'the wall' plan since day one? The ones you keep pretending don't exist?

Your tone, however, indicates a certain close-mindedness on this subject.
Again, as I stated in my first reply to you......look in the mirror.

So there is no point in further debate on this subject, and I will refrain from such.
Yes I can clearly see that you've painted yourself into a corner.

This thread need to be swung back
You're the one that swung it away.

PS...sorry your girl lost
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