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Why someone has to screw the die down even more after die and shellholder are bottomed out , I can't wrap my head around that unless something is out of spec , shellholder , die or chamber .
I think we talked about it here but it depends on when the die and shell holder are making contact . I have pics showing the die and shell holder making contact before sizing but when sizing they no longer touch . In that case you'd need to screw it down more after they touched . If they are making contact at the top of the stoke when sizing a case then there is no need to adjust further , the case is not going to be sized any more then it already has at that point . Well unless you subscribe to the theory holding the ram at the top for a second or two will actually size the case more .

I know that does not make sense worded that way but it's what is meant . The theory is holding the ram at the top for a count or two reduces spring back on the case resulting in the case being shorter from head to datum point then it other wise would have been . That to me means holding it at the top sizes your cases shorter . Haha how's that for a can of worms this thread didn't need lol .

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