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Excuse me for jumping in where I am no expert. I have a cam over press and I set it to cam over on my body dies. I reload for bolt and AR style rifles. I also use Redding competition shell holders to control the measurement of base to ogive. For my AR style guns I use the shell holder that my measurement to a new case base to ogive measurement. This turns out to be the 06 shell holder. For my bolt guns I use a shell holder that lowers my reading by .001 or .002. This happens to be 08 shell holder. If I used a standard shell holder I would have much shorter measurements. I would also be overworking the brass. It is very easy to use a cam over press and get the measurement you want with this accessory. I see that this has already been noted in the posts above. I know of no other way to control the base to ogive measurement and cam over the press. I suppose a washer (spacer) that went around the case and rested on the shell holder would work. But it also would be a fragile shim thickness.

I will also add that any of the dies that use a sliding guide (Redding Competition seating and neck dies for example) for the brass should never be cammed over.
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