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OMG , last night I wrote a long response to both you guys and when I clicked submit the screen said we can't securely open this page and when I went back everything I wrote was gone I was so mad I had to put the keyboard down before I threw it .

If you are referring to me , MG
Sorry I did not mean for that to go unanswered so long . Generally I was speaking to you but not specifically . I understand what you've been saying as far as you not needing to cam over to get consistent cases and except that . As I hope you understand I do need cam over or at least firm contact between die and shellholder to get that same consistency .

I think it's a matter of feel . When I set the die by feel and size the first few , I check the die to shellholder feel , must of the time I have to lower very slightly to get the same pressure when I first started . After that it remains the same . It's hard to explain a feel
Agreed and has been my point-ish . I believe I actually have less stress on the press with light cam over then I do if I have a hard stop and it's me pushing down on the ram that dictates how much stress my press is under . At 6'3 & 280lbs when I lean on something it feels it . It feels like I need less effort to cam over then the extra lean I'd put on the press if it made a hard stop .

That was an abbreviated version of last nights post that David Copperfield on me .
If Jesus had a gun , he'd probably still be alive !

I almost always write my posts regardless of content in a jovial manor and intent . If that's not how you took it , please try again .
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